Composers: Keith Richards & Steve Jordan
Recording date: Between April 2011 and 2014
Recording location: Germano Studios, One East Recording & Brooklyn Recording, New York City, USA
Producers: Keith Richards & Steve Jordan
               Chief engineer: Dave O'Donnell
Mixers: Dave O'Donnell, Keith Richards & Steve Jordan


Drums: Steve Jordan
Bass: Keith Richards
Acoustic guitar: Keith Richards 
Electric guitars: Keith Richards
Lead vocals: Keith Richards 
Background vocals: Keith Richards, Steve Jordan & Meegan Voss 
Piano: Keith Richards 
Saxophone: Bobby Keys

I ain't gonna do nothing
I aint gonna do sh--, I ain't gonna do nothing
I'm just sitting here and I'm waiting till the shit kicks in
You understand me?
You got it? You got it? You got it?


Don't know who I am, forgotten my name
I got no address and who the hell's to blame
Knocked on my head, everything went blank
I didn't even know the Titanic sank



Check my pastports but it seems I've been around
But I can't remember trying, like like baggage lost and found
Thought I met Mother, huh she said: You don't belong to me
Behind you must be trouble, broken hearts and misery

I'm talking nowhere

Oh...  (remember)

I try and jog my memory, it's a futile exercise
When you amount to nowhere, ha - you don't get a prize
How can I regret? Huh, it's so easy to forget
You know everything I do, I know nothing about you

No-fucking-where  (remember)

I can't recall the past

I'm nowhere -  you know what I mean?


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