Body Talks

Composers: Keith Richards, Steve Jordan, Charley Drayton & Sarah Dash
Recording date: March-September 1992
Recording locations: The Site, San Rafael, California; Studio 900, Master Sound Astoria,
New York Giant Recording Studios & The Hit Factory, New York City, USA
Producers: Keith Richards, Steve Jordan & Waddy Wachtel              Chief engineer: Don Smith


Drums: Steve Jordan
Bass: Charley Drayton
Acoustic guitars: Keith Richards & Waddy Wachtel
Electric guitars: Keith Richards & Waddy Wachtel
Lead vocal: Keith Richards
Co-lead & backing vocal: Sarah Dash
Background vocals: Keith Richards, Waddy Wachtel, Steve Jordan, Bernard Fowler, Babi Floyd & Ivan Neville
Percussion: Steve Jordan

(Are you listening?)
(You seem so interesting to me)

I'm reading, baby
Between the lines   (oh yeah)
Believing is deceiving   (and I seem very nice)

To watch you move   (yes)
Brand new walk
Body talks - in a word
(Your body talks) Body talks, baby, yeah

You make me shiver
Just a quiver
The way you shake
It's a good sign

(Body talks) My heart aches
Hey yeah
(Body talks) Shimmy shimmy shake
It's not so hard baby, hard baby

It's the way you move
(You're looking so good... )

(Body talks) Read your hips
You make me bite my lips, hey   (your heart... )
(Body talks) I'm just waiting on a flinch

(So alive)

It's just a look
And I read it like a book
It's nothing you said
It's something I read - hey

It's the way you move - ah yeah
(Your body...) It's the way you move - it's just the way you move
It's the way it is - (...)
It's the way it is

(Ah ha)
(My my my my, ah ha ha, oh ho)

(Oh oh oh oh oh ooh)

(Body talks) Wow

(Body talks) Baby   (your smile)
(Body talks) Oh
(Body talks)   (...moves)
(Body talks)

(Body talks) (...)
(Body talks)
(Body talks) You get Chinese, Taiwanese
(Body talks)   (does it better now)

(Body talks) Motion, notion
(Body talks) (oh baby) I can't wait
(Body talks) (...)
(Body talks) (your body talks)

(Body talks) (have you ever, have you ever)
(Body talks) (come on)

Close your eyes   (why?) (tell me why)

Body talks (body talks...) - now they're clear baby
(Body talks)  (won't you...) Look here, baby
(Body talks, talk) (Ooh) Over and out
(Body talks) Just body shout

(Body talks) (...) sweat  (see me slipping)
(Body talks, talk) Where you can land (...)
(Body talks, talk) From a mile away, baby  (do my eyes... return...)
(Body talks)

(Body talks, talk) I know what you're like   (...)
(Body talks, talk) So there's no point trying 'cause your
Body talks (talk) (you better, you better let me teach you)
(Body talks) ('cause your body talks)

(Body talks, talk) (ah)
(Body talks, talk) ( tongue - now hear)So there's no point trying 'cause your
Body talks (talk) (what exactly is this?)
(Body talks)

(Oh Lord)



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