Crosseyed Heart

Composer: Keith Richards
Recording date: Between April 2011 and 2014
Recording location: Germano Studios, New York City, USA
Producers: Keith Richards &
Steve Jordan               Chief engineer: Dave O'Donnell
Mixers: Dave O'Donnell, Keith Richards & Steve Jordan


Acoustic guitar: Keith Richards
Vocal: Keith Richards 

Mmm I love my sugar but I love my honey too
Oh I'm a greedy mother, you don't know what to do
I've got a crosseyed heart

Ooh she's so sweet but she drives me round the bend
Well I go around the corner and find another friend
I've got a crosseyed heart

That's all I got



I think everybody knows I love acoustic guitar. But the Crosseyed Heart one came because I wanted to start it off where basically all the music that I know and I've played came from. One of the wellsprings was Robert Johnson, and I've always wanted to do something in his style, so Crosseyed Heart came from that.

- Keith Richards, July 2015

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