It Means a Lot

Composers: Keith Richards & Steve Jordan
Recording date: August 1987-May 1988
Recording locations: Le Studio, Montreal, Canada; various studios, New York City, USA; Bermuda Sound Recording Studios, Bermuda;
Air Studios, Montserrat; Atlantic Studios & The Hit Factory, New York City, USA
Producers: Keith Richards & Steve Jordan        Chief engineer: Don Smith


Drums: Steve Jordan
Bass: Charley Drayton
Acoustic guitars: Waddy Wachtel
Electric guitars: Keith Richards
Slide electric guitar: Waddy Wachtel
Lead vocal: Keith Richards
Background vocals: Keith Richards & Steve Jordan
Keyboards: Ivan Neville

Tell by her movements
A flick of the hand
You know where you stand

What does it mean?
It means a lot

Oh yeah, ah-heh

What does it mean?
Tell me

Tell from a distance
Tell from a glance 
(It means a lot)

Tell by the way she dance   (It means a lot)

Leave me be   (It means a lot)
Call it love
Takes two   (It means a lot)

What does it...?   (It means a lot)
It takes two

If she is shy
If she should blush
(It means a lot)

That should tell you enough

(It means a lot)
We'll call it love   (It means a lot)
Takes two, baby   (It means a lot)
Oh, what does it do for you?

Does the same thing for me
Trial by jury, trial by judge
Get this thing out of court, let's call it love

What does it mean?   (It means a lot)

Ah yeah
Hey - yeah

Call it affection
We call it love
(It means a lot)

Heaven's above   (It means a lot)
Ooh (...)   (It means a lot)
Takes two
  (It means a lot)
  (It means a lot)


Ain't no illusion, baby

Can you get a little lie
That means (...)
(It means a lot)

(It means a lot)

(It means a lot)

(It means a lot)

That means a lot

Don't get too excited, baby
Before the facts




(T)he song's got a weird structure to it. Everyone was getting off on that. That was all me on that. Waddy's on acoustic. But that effect is all deliberate. The only way to make that song work was to shift it all around and... the more I did, the more confident I felt about doing things like that.

- Keith Richards, 1988

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