Just a Gift

Composers: Keith Richards & Steve Jordan
Recording date: Between April 2011 and 2014
Recording location: Germano Studios, One East Recording & Brooklyn Recording, New York City, USA
Producers: Keith Richards & Steve Jordan
               Chief engineer: Dave O'Donnell
Mixers: Dave O'Donnell, Keith Richards & Steve Jordan


Drums: Steve Jordan
Bass: Keith Richards or Paul Nowinski
Acoustic guitars: Keith Richards 
Tiple: Keith Richards
Electric guitars: Keith Richards
Lead vocals: Keith Richards
Background vocals: Steve Jordan & Blondie Chaplin
Piano: Keith Richards
Viola: Paul Nowinski
Viola da gamba: Paul Nowinski
Fiddle: Larry Campbell
Timpani: Steve Jordan

Just how could I resist a kiss that don't exist?
It's behind me
You're just like shooting stars hanging around in bars
Well it bores me

If you find yourself in need
And need a friend to call
Well you know where I live
And I'll open up that door

Whatever they may say, there's nothing that can stay
Behind me
Cause this just a gift and you give me a lift
Come on, surprise me

If you want and feel a need to call
You know my name
My address hasn't changed at all
And I'm still the same

That's all right, that's all aright
That's all right with me

Nothing's what it seems, maybe just a dream
If you should find me
Cause I'm hanging around in bars with a lot of shooting stars
And they bore me

If you find that you may need a friend
You know who to call
If you want I'll meet you down the stairs
And open up the door

Cause that's all right  (that's all right)
(That's all right, that's all right)
Yeah, that's alright  (that's all right)
It's all right with me

(That's all right, that's all right) It's all right, baby
With me
(That's all right) That's all right
With me

(That's all right, that's all right)
With me
(That's all right, that's all right)



You know, that's a good thought. When you're writing love songs, you're really thinking about a chick. But then again, the Rolling Stones is my wife!

- Keith Richards, August 2015, asked if the song was written about Mick Jagger

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