Key to the Highway

Composers: William Broonzy & Charles Segar       Original performer: Big Bill Broonzy (1940)
First release: Johnnie Johnson, Johnnie B. Bad album, June 1991
Recording date: January 1991        Recording location: Sorcerer Sound Studios, New York City, USA
Producer: Keith Richards        Engineer: unknown


Drums: Steve Jordan
Bass: Joey Spampinato
Acoustic guitar: Keith Richards
Electric guitars: Keith Richards
Lead vocal: Keith Richards
Backing vocals:Keith Richards, Johnnie Johnson, Joey Spampinato, Steve Jordan, Bernie Worrell & Bernard Fowler
Piano: Johnnie Johnson
Keyboards: Bernie Worrell

I got the key to the highway
Feel, Lord, I'm bound to go
I'm going to leave here running
'Cause walking's much too slow

I'm going back to the bottom
Where I'm better known
'Cause you haven't done nothing
But drove a good man away from home

Give me one more kiss, mama   (one, mama)
Just before I go    (ooh)
'Cause when I leave this time, girl   (ah-ooh)
I won't be back no more

Well all right

When the moon peep over the mountain
Honey I'll be on my way
I'm going to roam this highway
Until the break of day

Well it's so long, so long, baby   (ooh, ah-ooh)
I must say goodbye
I'm going to roam this highway
Until the day I die


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