Lonely Without You
(This Christmas)

Artist: Mick Jagger & Dave Stewart
Composers: Mick Jagger & Dave Stewart
First release: Music from the Motion Picture Alfie album, October 2004

Recording date: April-May 2004       Recording location: Abbey Road Studios, London, England
Producers: Mick Jagger & Dave Stewart          Chief engineer: Steve McLaughlin
Mixer: Peter Cobbin


Drums: Virgil Donati
Bass: Robin Davey
Acoustic guitar: Dave Stewart
Electric guitar: Jesse Davey
Lead vocals: Mick Jagger & Joss Stone
Backing vocals: Claudia Fontaine, Beverley Skeete & Faye Simpson
Piano: Jeff Bova
Hammond B3 Organ: Jeff Bova
Brass: The Kick Horns
Strings: (unknown musicians)
Programming: Ned Douglas

Oh yeah
Mm-mm, oh yeah
Ah yeah

I'm going to be lonely without you
Going to be a lonely, lonely Christmas without you
My future's looking bleak, oh so down I could weep
It's the saddest time of the year, oh yes it is

Oh it's going to be a lonely, lonely Christmas without you - mm-mm
It's going to be a lonely, lonely Christmas without you
There's no old presents under the tree, there's nobody waiting for me
Oh but you never know, but you never know, never know what's coming, what's coming, what's coming round, what's coming round yeah
What's coming round

It's the season of good will, oh I guess I love you still
Be a lonely, lonely, lonely, lonely, lonely, lonely Christmas without you



It started as an instrumental section. Dave was in the studio and asked me to write one line to go in a particular scene in the movie. When we got back in the studio, Joss (Stone) was there and when Dave asked me if I had written any more of the songs, I realized that it was going to turn into something she was going to sing. So I went back in the dressing room, we finished it and it worked out. It suits Joss Stone perfectly.

- Mick Jagger, September 2004

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