Make No Mistake

Composers: Keith Richards & Steve Jordan
Recording date: October 1987-February 1988 & May 1988
Recording locations: various studios, New York City, USA; Royal Recording Studio, Memphis, Tennessee, USA;
Atlantic Studios & The Hit Factory, New York City, USA
Producers: Keith Richards & Steve Jordan       Chief engineer: Don Smith


Drums: Steve Jordan
Bass: Charley Drayton
Acoustic guitar: Keith Richards
Electric guitar: Keith Richards
Lead vocals: Keith Richards & Sarah Dash
Background vocals: Steve Jordan
Organ: Bernie Worrell
Clavinet: Bernie Worrell
Horns: The Memphis Horns
Conga: Steve Jordan

Make no mistake about it, mm-mm
Well things ain't what they seem
I want to scream and shout it
This is just a dream

A simple conversation
Every now and then
A touchy situation, yeah
Fascinates a man

What shall I do
If I should see you
And have to pretend
That we have never met?

It's not a cheap sensation
When you touch me with your hand
A little complication but it
Can hypnotize a man

How're we going to hide it   (Hide it)
This thing with you and me? Yeah
Everyone can tell by now
I just can't lie you see

What shall I say
To hide it - to hide it, baby?
No words can convey
Your lips melting into mine

No mistake

No mistake - no mistake

Make no mistake

Make no mistake about it
No mistake - mm-mm

Make no mistake
- mm-mm, come on

So listen

Make no mistake about it
I'm going to make you mine
No need to talk it over
We're running out of time

I've made up my mind
About you   (No mistake)
I know in my heart you have
The same point of view

No mistake - this is it

No mistake

Make no mistake - frustrate

Make no mistake -  ooh
No mistake - make no mistake

Make no mistake
- baby, ah yeah

Make no mistake -  ooh
No mistake - make no mistake

Make no mistake
- it's not that we don't have the time

Make no mistake -  not in the right place
No mistake - no mistake

Make no mistake
- ooh, come on, come on baby

Make no mistake -  no mistake, baby
No mistake - ah oh

Make no mistake
- ah yeah, well you better make no mistake

Make no mistake -  no mistake, baby
No mistake - ah oh

Make no mistake
- ah yeah, well you better make no...

Make no mistake -  ... mistake, baby
No mistake -
I'm talking to you, baby
Make no mistake
- yeah, make no mistake, honey



Keith and I get into different things - like real heavy reggae time, and Al Green type chords. Keith's on that thing, and that'll probably be evident on his album - a cross between Gregory Isaacs and Al Green type melodies. But he has a way of changing it, we have a way of moulding it.

- Ron Wood, September 1988

We laid the track down and it just said to us, Call the airport, guys, 'cause you're going to Memphis! (laughs)

- Keith Richards, September 1988

That's one of those moments when I thought I found the lost chord. Nobody's got a name for it. I asked piano players. They gave me one name. I asked horn players, and they gave me another. So it's not exactly lost, but it's in the lost-and-found.

- Keith Richards, December 2012

(B)y the time I got to Make No Mistake, I was comfortable doing things like singing down an octave.

- Keith Richards, September 1988

It’s all about emotions and feelings and I just try to put them together with the correct phrasing. I like to twist things round a bit but I’m in love with love, always have been.

- Keith Richards, March 2019
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