Robbed Blind

Composer: Keith Richards
Recording date: Between April 2011 and 2014
Recording location: Germano Studios, One East Recording & Brooklyn Recording, New York City, USA
Producers: Keith Richards & Steve Jordan
               Chief engineer: Dave O'Donnell
Mixers: Dave O'Donnell, Keith Richards & Steve Jordan


Drums: Steve Jordan
Bass: Paul Nowinski
Acoustic guitars: Keith Richards 
Pedal steel guitar: Larry Campbell 
Lead vocal: Keith Richards 
Background vocal: Steve Jordan 
Piano: Keith Richards 

Someone stole some money
Who it is, it ain't quite clear
Stolen from my honey
She holds my stash around here

The cops, you know, I can't involve them
They'd only interfere
So I hit the usual suspects
But I drew a blank round there

I'm robbed blind
Robbed blind

Found a letter to her
It was from a friend of mine
It was a plan to screw me
That's what they had in mind

The cops I can't involve them
Don't want them coming near
'Cause this thing is getting personal
And the picture is now quite clear

I'm robbed blind
Mm, robbed blind
Bled dry

The stash no longer matters
And he ain't hard to find
'Cause it ain't the money, honey
But the heart you stole is mine

The cops I can't involve them
God knows what they could find
But I've learned a lesson from that girl
Whose fate is yet to be defined

Been robbed blind - robbed blind
Ha, robbed blind - thank you sweet
Bled dry
That was a damn good try

Robbed blind - been robbed blind
Robbed blind, bled dry



Robbed Blind (was a song that I woke up with). I just woke up and it was at my fingertips. Everything just rolled out. That's very unusual. Usually, it's a lot of craftwork and wondering whether it's any good, anyway.

- Keith Richards, July 2015

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