Runnin' Too Deep

Composers: Keith Richards & Steve Jordan
Recording date: March-September 1992
Recording locations: The Site, San Rafael, California; Studio 900, Master Sound Astoria,
New York Giant Recording Studios & The Hit Factory, New York City, USA
Producers: Keith Richards, Steve Jordan & Waddy Wachtel              Chief engineer: Don Smith


Drums: Steve Jordan
Bass: Charley Drayton
Electric guitars: Keith Richards & Waddy Wachtel
Lead vocal: Keith Richards
Background vocals: Keith Richards, Waddy Wachtel, Steve Jordan, Bernard Fowler & Babi Floyd
Pianos: Keith Richards & Ivan Neville
Harpsichord: Ivan Neville
Percussion: Steve Jordan

We scorch the earth
Babe, for all its worth
Last night you in ecstasy
Now you don't remember me

It's running too deep
Running too deep for me

The sirens and the curfews through the night
Everybody's locked up tight
What's going on?
It's been dark for far too long

It's running too deep
(Running too deep)
Running too deep
You know it's running too deep for me

If heaven looses face
What's going to take its place?   (ah-ah-ah-ah)

Running too deep
You're running too deep for me

Well there's no more treasure, no more land
Just the ashes in your hand

We scorch the earth
Yeah, for all its worth   (ah-ah-ah-ah)
Last night you in ecstasy   (ah-ah-ah-ah)
Now you don't remember me   (ah-ah-ah-ah)

And it's running too deep


Running too deep
Yeah running too deep for me

Running too deep


You know, it's running too deep




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