Say It's Not You

Artist: George Jones
Composer: Dallas Frazier        Original performer: George Jones (1967)
First release: The Bradley Barn Sessions album, October 1994
Recording date: February 1994        Recording location: Bradley's Barn, Mount Juliet, Tennessee, USA
Producer: Brian Ahern        Engineer: Chuck Ainlay


Drums: Eddie Bayers
Bass: Glenn Worf
Acoustic guitars: Keith Richards, Emmylou Harris, Brian Ahern & Mac McAnally
Electric guitar: James Burton
Steel guitar: Paul Franklin
Vocals: Keith Richards & George Jones
Piano: Leon Russell
Fiddle: Ricky Scaggs
Mandolin: Marty Stuart

Darling, there's talk around town
About a girl who spreads love around
With soft lips and eyes crystal blue
Darling, say it's not you

They say that she comes in alone
And stays till self-respect is gone
And each night she leaves with someone new
Darling, say it's not you

Well at first what they said didn't hurt me
Until they mentioned her name
Then slowly the tears overtook me
Her name and yours is the same

Each night till the breaking of dawn
I'm praying that you're not the one
Tell me lies but say it's not true
Darling, say it's not you
Darling, say it's not you


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