Streets of Berlin

Composers: Philip Glass & Martin Sherman
First release: Bent film, May 1997
Recording date: March 1996        Recording location: Matrix Mason Rouge Studios, London, England
Producer: Philip Glass          Chief engineer: Chris Kimsey


Vocal: Mick Jagger
Piano: Chuck Leavell

Streets of Berlin
I must leave you soon
Oh will you forget me?
Was I ever really here?

Find me a bar on the cobble stone streets
Where the boys are pretty
I cannot love for more than one day
But one day is enough in the city

Find me a boy with two ocean blue eyes
That show no pity
Take out his eyes, he never need see
How they eat you alive in this city

Streets of Berlin
Will you miss me?
Streets of Berlin
Do you care?

Streets of Berlin
Will you cry out
If I vanish
Into thin air?

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