The Wild Colonial Boy

Composer: (traditional)
First release: Ned Kelly (soundtrack) LP, June 1970
Recording date: September 1969       Recording location: Twickenham Studios, London, England
Producer: Ron Haffkine        Engineer: unknown


Bamboo flute: (unknown)
Vocal: Mick Jagger
Choir: (unknown)

It's all of a wild colonial boy
Jack Doolan was his name
Of poor but honest parents
He was born in Castlemaine
He was his father's only hope
His mother's pride and joy
And so dearly did his parents love
The wild colonial boy

When scarcely sixteen years of age
Jack left his father's home
And to Australia's sunny climb bush ranging
He would roam
He'd rob the lordly squatters
Their flocks he would destroy
Oh a terror to Australia was
The wild colonial boy

In '61 this daring youth
Commenced his wild career
With a heart that knew no danger
No stranger would he fear
He build up the beach with (...) mail coach
And robbed Judge Macovoy
Who trembled and gave up his gold
To the wild colonial boy

He bade the judge good morning
And told him to beware
He'd never rob a poor man
Who wacked it on the square
But a judge that robbed a mother of
Her only pride and joy
Well here's worst of naught nor then
The wild colonial boy

One day as Jack was riding
The mountain's sides along
A-listening to the cuckoo bird's
Pleasant laughing song
Three mountain troopers came inside
Kelly, Davis and Fitzroy
Who thought that they would capture him
The wild colonial boy

Surrender now, Jack Doolan
You see we're three to one
Surrender in the Queen's name
You daring highway man
Jack drew his pistol from his belt
And waved it like a toy
I'll fight but not surrender
Cried the wild colonial boy

So come along ye wildies
We'll roam the mountain side
Together we will plunder
Together we will ride
We'll scourer along the valleys
And gallop o'er the plains
And scorn to live in slavery
Bound down by iron chains


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