We Had It All

Artist: Willie Nelson & Friends
Composers: Troy Seals & Donny Fritts         Original performer: Dobie Gray (1973)
First release: Outlaws & Angels album, September 2004

Recording date: May 5, 2004         Recording location: Wiltern Theatre, Los Angeles, USA (live)
Producer: James Stroud


Drums: Jim Keltner
Bass: Hutch Hutchinson
Acoustic guitars: Keith Richards & Willie Nelson
Electric guitars: Jimmy Rip, Merle Haggard, Nils Lofgren, Biff Watson & Kenny Lovelace
Pedal steel guitar: Greg Leisz
Vocals: Willie Nelson & Keith Richards
Keyboards: Jim Cox

I can hear the wind a-blowing in my mind
Just the way it used to do through the Georgia pines
And you were there to answer when I called
You and me, Lord knows we had it all

Remember how I used to touch your hair
Baby, looking for the feeling, it was always there
You're the best thing in my life I can recall
Yeah baby, you and me we had it all

I know that we can never live those times again
And I get all those feelings that I'll be there back again
And I'll stay with you girl just as long as I can
Cause it was so good, well it was so good
You know, yes it was so good when I was your man

And I'll never stop believing in your smile
Even though you didn't stay, it was all worthwhile
Well I know that you and me we had it all
Baby, 'cause you and me we had it all

You and me we had it all
You and me we had it all
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