Whip It Up

Composers: Keith Richards & Steve Jordan
Recording date: October 1987-May 1988
Recording locations: various studios, New York City, USA; Bermuda Sound Recording Studios, Bermuda;
Air Studios, Montserrat; Atlantic Studios & The Hit Factory, New York City, USA
Producers: Keith Richards & Steve Jordan       Chief engineer: Don Smith


Drums: Steve Jordan
Bass: Charley Drayton
Electric guitars: Keith Richards & Waddy Wachtel
Lead vocal: Keith Richards
Background vocals: Keith Richards, Steve Jordan, Charley Drayton & Patti Scialfa
Saxophones: Bobby Keys
Handclaps: Keith Richards & Steve Jordan

Whip it up

Whip it up

Don't know what you dream at night
Close your eyes and see
Leave the rest to me

I'll be stealing in
If you give me half a chance
Come on, baby
Let's get this dream to dance

Whip it up
Come on, whip
Whip it up - whip it up, whip it up

Well it seems so sad to me
The way that we carry on
Why, why baby
Can't we get along?

I ain't deceiving you
And if you ain't deceiving me
Then someone else has lied to us
Yeah, don't deny it

Save it for another day
Don't save it for me, yeah

If I ain't good enough
For you
Maybe, baby
You ain't good enough, good enough, good enough for me

Whip it up, baby - whip it
Yeah just... whip

Just whip - a
flick of the wrist, baby, yeah, yeah
(Whip it up)  A twist of the mind
Whip - ...baby
(Whip it up) Whip it up

Whip - whip
Whip it up - come on, yeah, yeah, yeah
Whip - come on
Come on, baby  (Whip it up) - yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah

Whip (...)
We got to whip it up
Whip it up

Whip - whip it, whip, whip it
(Whip it up)
(Whip it up) - yeah



There's even a little (tribute) to, bless their souls, the Fab Four. That's on Whip It Up. It's a deliberate early Beatles way of doing things on the harmony vocals. We recorded the whole thing basically like we would with the Stones with everyone playing live in the studio, which apparently now is a novelty.

- Keith Richards, 1988

(T)here's some respect-yer-soul instrumentation on there, like Volt, Stax, Atlantic...

- Keith Richards, 1988

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