You Win Again

Composer: Hank Williams          Original performer: Hank Williams (1952)
First release: Timeless album, September 2001
Recording date: May 2001
Recording location: Room Called L (Keith Richards' home studio), Weston, Connecticut, USA
Producers: Keith Richards & Rob Fraboni          Engineer: Ben Elliott


Drums: George Receli
Bass: Paul Nowinski
Electric guitars: Keith Richards & Lou Pallo
Steel guitar: John Pirruccello
Vocal: Keith Richards
Piano: Blondie Chaplin
Saxophone: Craig Dreyer
Trumpet: Tim Ovimette

The news is out all over town
That you've been seen out running 'round
I know that I should leave but then
What can I do? You win again

This old heart of mine could never see
What everybody knows but me
Just trusting you was my great sin
What can I do? You win again

So sorry, baby, for your victim now
For one day like mine his head will bow
He'll give his heart but all in vain
For one day like me, he'll have to say it, baby, You win again

You have no heart, you have no shame
You take true love, yeah, but not the blame
I guess that I just can't complain
I love you still - you win again
I love you still - you win again
Ooh I love you still now, now, baby - you win again

You win again
You win again

Your face, brother
Ooh my, my, my, my, my, yes I love you still -
you win again



I was working down (in my studio) and allowed in some guys, Blondie Chaplin and a few other cats that I'm working with. And I got this request to do the something for Timeless, the Hank Williams compilation that came out last year. I said, Yeah, I'd love to do - I was firmly convinced that someone else would have cut it - so I said I'll do it if I can do "You Win Again", and they called back and told me that, funny enough, no one had tried that one. So I said, OK, I'm in. So we cut it down in the basement and it came out and we got a Grammy!

- Keith Richards, 2002

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