If you signed up for Bill German's Beggars Banquet magazine in late 1983 with the
release of the Undercover LP, you also became a member of the Official
Rolling Stones Fan Club and got, among other things, a 45 rpm record
with, on one side, the Stones interviewing one another in the recording
studio. There's no date for this amusing recording, but the interview was probably recent
(Undercover sessions 82-83). Here's the transcription.

Note: Keith and Ron - as usual! - are late in arriving...

Mick:    Well, we're gonna talk about the past first, and then we'll talk about the present. You know, when you joined the group, like the very first time you came to join the group with your amp, what was your favorite music then?

Bill:        Aah...

Mick:     Single. Give us a single.

Bill:        Black R&B, Chuck Berry...

Mick:     You LIAR...

Bill:        ...Jackie Wilson - it was the only thing I knew that you were playing.

Mick:    Umm... (laughs)

Bill:        Jackie Wilson, Fats Domino, ah, Coasters...

Mick:    (Bored laugh)

Bill:        ...Larry Williams, all that lot.

Mick:    But didn't you have to play - like I was in a band, and we played Cliff Richard, and numbers by the Shadows...

Bill:        Yeah, yeah, you HAD to. Cause otherwise they'd hate you (laughs).

Charlie: (Laughs) You didn't get paid!

Mick:     No, 'cause in THOSE days -

Bill:        (interrupts) Cause you had to do requests then, in THOSE times. Right Charlie?

Mick:    What... what request, Bill?

Bill:        Well, you know... Runaround Sue and (sings) Poetry in motion... (laughs)... all THOSE kinds of things... (Laughs) All right, what request did YOU used to do?

Mick:     I used to have to do - I was in a band, they used to do a lot of old things. The vocalist was only half - at the time instrumentals were very popular. In America, it was the Ventures, you know, who were very popular.

Bill:        And it was very difficult to find a singer also, so you did instrumentals.

Mick:     And the Shadows in England were very popular so there was a lot of instrumentals, we used to get a lot of them.

Bill:        WE did a few Jerry Lee things as well, actually. But I'm sure Charlie, the same as me, used to play in like a trio in a -

Mick:     (interrupts) Let me ask Charlie the same question. When you FIRST joined the Rolling Stones from Alexis Korner's band, what was your music that you were liking, at that period, the most?

Charlie:   Well... Charlie Parker, Miles Davis... But I learned to like other people as the years went on...

Bill:         But didn't you sometimes play in a little trio, like, with a piano player and a -

Charlie:   (interrupts) Yes! And we used to do, ahh...

Bill:        What did you do then?

Charlie:   ... Stardust... YOU never played Stardust.

Bill:        No, but we used to play, like, Pennies from Heaven and stuff like that... I HAD to. I used to play with a drummer and a piano player who were -

Charlie:  (interrupts) I ENJOYED playing them.

Bill         So did I. And we actually got money for it.


Mick:     (Laughs)... Well, that's good.

Bill:        Well, what music DIDN'T you like? (Laughs)

Mick:     Yeah, what music DIDN'T you like?

Charlie:   Rock and roll. I hated rock and roll when I was a kid...

Bill:        You HATED it?

Charlie:  Mm-mmm...

Mick:     When you were like when? Twelve?

Charlie:   Yeah, the only rock and roll I really liked was Fats Domino and Little Richard, who were the only two people - I used to hate ALL rock and roll.

Mick:      Someone said to me, the other day, he said, When did you first get MOBBED? (Cackles) You remember that word?

Charlie:   Yeah...

(Woody walks in.)

Woody:   Hi boys.

Mick:       Hi Ronnie, grab a chair... When did you first get mobbed? and I thought, that's funny, I never... I said, That's a good question, you know. I don't REMEMBER, you know, it was like suddenly -

Bill:         (interrupts) I do.

Mick:       I... Well, Bill, OK... (Laughs with Charlie) God, he remembers EVERYTHING! I'm trying to remember...

Bill:         The first time we got mobbed - (Mick breaks up again) - was about...

Mick:      (interrupts) I gotta tell what mobbed is, 'cause a lot of people don't know what mobbed is. Mobbed is when a lot of girls run and jump on you and pull your hair out...

Bill:        ...And tear your clothes off...

Mick:      OK, that's what that means...

Charlie:   Where was it?

Mick:      It doesn't happen anymore.

Bill:         It was about a third of the way through the Everly Brothers tour...

Charlie:   REALLY?

Bill:         ...up in the North. It was either in Manchester or Liverpool, one of those where we were actually attacked for the first time when we tried to get out of the theater.

(Long pause, then everyone laughs together.)

Mick:      Anyhow, Woody's here and, I'm sorry, we're gonna go back to -

Woody:  (interrupts) The blond wigs! (Laughs)

Charlie:   Another thing that RONALD (Woody) has that we never had is two OLDER brothers who are sort of a year younger than Bill... like REALLY old - (Everybody laughs) - and who were both professional players.

Bill:         Right. They were in a band, yeah...

Charlie:   And were totally... totally different...

Mick:      Well, tell them - why don't you tell them about the slight connection between the bands before you even joined?

Woody:   Yeah, well, through their influence as my older brothers you see, they were into jazz and skiffle -

(Keith walks in.)

Mick:      (interrupts) Hi Keith.

(Keith laughs in the background.)

Woody:   ...and... Motown.

Mick:      Bill, what's your favorite Stones song or album?

Bill:         That's JUST what I was gonna ask you, EXACTLY what I was gonna ask you.

Mick:      Stones song or album?

Keith:     (sarcastically) Oh, the White Album, I think... (laughs) [Note: a Beatles album]

Bill:         My favorite album, I suppose, is ahh...

Woody:   Beatles Banquet!

(Mick laughs.)

Bill:         Nostalgia comes into this as well, you see...

Mick:      What's yours, Charlie?

Charlie:    I don't know...

Mick:      Well, THINK about it, Jesus... (laughs)

(Bill laughs also.)

Keith:      Oh, this one we're doing now! (laughs)

(Bill laughs again.)

Charlie:    (Laughs) I can't remember any of them really... the only one would be, Honest...

Mick:       What's yours, Woody?

Woody:    Favorite Stones album?

Keith:       Honest I Do.  [Note: a Jimmy Reed song covered on their first album]

Mick:       Honest I Do.

Woody:    The FIRST one was great and...

Keith:       (sarcastically) Yeah, that was called I've Got My Own Album To Do...  [Note: the title of Ron Wood's first solo album, who of course wasn't a Stones member until 1975]  (sarcastically) Yeah, that was QUITE a nice album...

Woody:    (affectedly) Oh yes, I'm sorry, darling?

(Keith laughs, then another pause.)

Mick:        I like Exile On Main Street and - (Keith and Woody giggle at Mick's attempt at being serious) - ... Sticky Fingers...

(Another pause.)

Mick:       Why do you think the band's been together so long?

(Everyone breaks up together.)

Mick:       Why do you think so, Ronnie?

Woody:    Because of the multi [hard to decipher]- (more laughs from everybody) - spandex of the personalities...

Keith:        ...and the total lack of imagination of what else to do!

(Everybody laughs again.)

Mick:q     That's a good part of it, yeah.

Woody:    But everyone's such - everyone in this group has such a different personality.


Woody:    (Laughs) That's why my days are numbered!

(Everybody cracks up.)

Mick:        Well, we'll just say goodbye now; so from Charlie Watts (breaks up laughing)...

(Everybody's into hysterics.)

Keith:        (Laughs)... on that uplifting note...

Mick:        (Laughing hysterically) So... we'll just say goodbye (laughs)...

Woody:     Goodbye.

Mick:        Goodbye ahh... from Mick...

Bill:           Cheerio...

Mick:        From Bill.

(Charlie is still laughing.)

Woody:    And from Ron.

Keith:       Au revoir...

Mick:       Au revoir from Paris...

Charlie:    And from Charlie.

Keith:       And back to the studio...

Mick:       And back to recording.


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