Little By Little

Composers: Nanker Phelge (Rolling Stones) & Phil Spector
Recording date: February 1964        Recording location: Regent Sound Studios, London
Producer: Andrew Oldham        Engineer: Bill Farley
Performed onstage: 1964

Probable line-up:

Drums: Charlie Watts
Bass: Bill Wyman
Electric guitars: Keith Richards (incl. solo) & Brian Jones
Vocal: Mick Jagger
Piano: Gene Pitney & Ian Stewart
Harmonica: Mick Jagger
Maracas: Phil Spector

I tried to trail you last night, baby
Trail you in my car
But I was afraid
Of what I was looking for

And little by little I'm losing my love for you
Yeah, little by little I've found out you was untrue

All right, Keith, come on now!

My turn

Well I try to grab a bus
I feel I'm going to hitch a ride
Things ain't been the same
Since my mama died

Yeah, little by little I'm losing my love for you
Yeah, little by little I've found out you was untrue

Let's get out of here now, come on!


After we had done Not Fade Away, Phil (Spector) and Mick disappeared. Nobody noticed they had gone until about five minutes later when they returned, looking very pleased with themselves. They sat down, told us to be quiet, and played the number they had just written in the outside corridor. It was very good, so we decided to use it as the B side. Mick took hold of his harmonica, Phil found the maracas again, and Gene Pitney and the Stones' road manager, Ian Stewart, sat down at the same piano. It was a fantastic scene!

- Andrew Oldham, 1964

When I stopped off in from Paris one time and Phil Spector was in London and Andrew Oldham called me from the hotel and told me he was having a terrible time because he was trying to do what was the follow up to I Wanna Be Your Man and all the boys hated each other that day and he had them in a little dinky studio in Denmark Street and he couldn't get them to do anything. I had 5 fifths of cognac that I was bringing home, so I took one fifth over to the studio and I told them it was a custom in my family that when anybody had a birthday, that everybody had a water glass of cognac until the bottle was empty. So, we ended up with a hell of a session and out of it came Not Fade Away (sic) and I played piano and Phil Spector played an empty cognac bottle with a half dollar, clicking it, and we played on the flip side which was Little By Little.

- Gene Pitney

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