Little Rain

Composers: Ewart.G.Abner Jr. & Jimmy Reed         Original performer: Jimmy Reed (1957)      
Recording date:
December 2015 & April 2016
Recording locations: 
British Grove Studios, London, England & Henson Recording Studios, Los Angeles, USA
Producers: Don Was
& The Glimmer Twins     Chief engineer: Krish Sharma
Never performed onstage


Drums: Charlie Watts
Bass: Darryl Jones
Electric guitars: Keith Richards & Ron Wood
Vocal: Mick Jagger
Harmonica: Mick Jagger
Keyboards (electric): Matt Clifford
Hammond B-3 organ: Matt Clifford

A little rain falling
A little clock keep away the time
A little rain falling
Little clock keep away the time
Well little rain keep on falling
On this here love of mine

Little flowers open
Little birds keep singing tune

Little flowers open
Little birds keep singing tune

I would like to love you baby
Underneath the shining moon



We tried to capture the strange mood that's on the original that's bathed in echo.

- Mick Jagger, 2016

I always loved the atmosphere on Jimmy Reed's Little Rain. I went through all of his songs I had and pciekd that one out as a strange one. 

- Mick Jagger, October 2016

The last time I ever played Little Rain was with Brian Jones. Now, I'm playing Little Rain in the studio and suddenly Brian is looming in front of me...

- Keith Richards, October 2016

Exactly! You can feel them around you. Keith probably thought, I'd better get this right. I just wanted to get the harmonica solo right. I must have learned that from Brian.

- Mick Jagger, October 2016

It helps that Darryl Jones is from Chicago... It must be remembered that some of these original songs had no bass and so Darryl's found a way to be restrained and yet add immeasurably to songs like Little Rain.

- Don Was, 2016

For myself, Little Rain Falling, the old Jimmy Reed song. Just because it's an atmospherically different sound. But it only squeaks through on Blue and Lonesome and the rest of them actually. I just love playing them all.

- Keith Richards, October 2016, asked what his favorite song on the album is

An unusual choice was Little Rain. I use it as a lullaby for my little twin girls.

- Ron Wood, October 2016

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