Please Go Home

Composers: Mick Jagger & Keith Richards
First release: UK version of Between the Buttons LP, January 1967    1st US release: Flowers, June 1967
Recording date: August & November 1966
Recording locations: RCA Studios, Los Angeles, USA; 
Olympic Studios & Pye Studios, London, England
Producer: Andrew Oldham        Engineers: Dave Hassinger & Glyn Johns
Never performed onstage

Probable line-up:

Drums: Charlie Watts
Bass: Bill Wyman
Electric guitars: Keith Richards & Brian Jones
Lead vocal: Mick Jagger
Background vocals: Mick Jagger, Keith Richards & Shirley Watts
Theremin: Brian Jones
Mellotron: Brian Jones
Maracas: Mick Jagger

Please go home
Please go home

Well maybe I'm talking too fast
But I won't be the first or the last
In the sea of the thousand you cast

Come on, please go home

I don't have to ask what you do
I just have to look to get you
It means nothing to me to get through

Please go home

I don't want to be on my own
Cause I can't talk much better alone
But I don't have to ring like a phone

Won't you please go home

Please go home

In some early part of your days
You were told of the devious ways
That you thought you could get without pay

Won't you please go home

You reach a state of your mind
Where it's madness to look and to find
Your false affections so kind

Please go home

Won't you please go home



That high-pitched whine on it is Charlie's wife screaming. Few sounds on it, lots of reverb, ages mixing it.

- Mick Jagger, 1967

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