The Nearness of You

Composer: Hoagy Carmichael & Ned Washington     Original performer: Hoagy Carmichael (1937)
First release: Four Flicks (DVD), November 2003        (First CD release: Live Licks, November 2004) 
Recording date: July 2003        Recording location: Olympia Theatre, Paris, France (live)
Producers: The Glimmer Twins & Don Was         Chief engineer: Ed Cherney
Performed onstage: 


Drums: Charlie Watts
Bass: Darryl Jones
Acoustic guitar: Blondie Chaplin
Electric guitars: Keith Richards & Ron Wood
Lead vocal: Keith Richards
Background vocals: Blondie Chaplin, Lisa Fischer & Bernard Fowler
Piano: Chuck Leavell
Saxophones: Bobby Keys & Tim Ries
Trombone: Michael Davis
Trumpet: Kent Smith

(Oh no)  It's just the nearness of you

It's not the pale moon that excites me
Baby, that thrills and delights me
Oh no, it's just the nearness of you

It's not that your sweet conversation
That brings, brings this sensation
Oh no, it's just the nearness of you

When I'm in your arms
And I feel you so close, so close to me
You know, baby, ha, all of those wildest dreams
They come true

(Oh no)  It's just the nearness of you

It's not the way, baby, that you enchant me
If only you'd grant me
Ooh the right to kiss and hold you so tight

Oh feel, feel in the night the nearness of you - the nearness, baby, the nearness
To feel, yes, the nearness of you - so maybe I'm afraid a little now, you know what I mean?

(The nearness of you)

(The nearness of you)

(The nearness of you)

(The nearness of you)

Feel in the night the nearness, baby, the nearness, the nearness of you
Oh yeah, the nearness, baby, the nearness of you

One love



Well I wanted to do something that wasn't... The Stones have never done it, at the same time there's been a lot of bootlegs of me doing this song and I wanted to give the band another chance... And also it's a different kind, a slightly different kind of music than what the Stones are used to and what people expect from the Stones. And, after all, I always look upon it as I have two songs in a show. Sometimes I like to do something that will actually provoke Mick to be a little bit more adventurous sometimes. If I can go out there and do a song that nobody knows (laughs), it makes him a little bit more confident to go out and do some other stuff  'cause Mick can be a little more conservative at times... And also I have the band to be able to play that stuff. You know, I've got a great horn section... I'm glad I've been throwing that in.

- Keith Richards, 2003

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