We Had It All

Composers: Troy Seals & Donnie Fritts            Original performer: Waylon Jennings (1973) 
Recording date: June-October 1979 & September 2011
Recording locations: Pathé Marconi Studios, Paris, France; Electric Lady Studio, NY and/or Berkeley Street Studios, Santa Monica, USA 
Producers: The Glimmer Twins, Chris KimseyDon Was           Chief engineers: Chris Kimsey, Krish Sharma & Matt Clifford
Mixer: Bob Clearmountain                     
Never performed onstage


Drums: Charlie Watts
Bass: Bill Wyman
Acoustic guitar: Keith Richards
Electric guitar: Keith Richards
Pedal steel guitar: Ron Wood
Vocals: Keith Richards
Piano: Keith Richards
Harmonica: Sugar Blue

(Note: actually an EMOTIONAL RESCUE outtake)

I can hear the wind a-blowing in my mind
Just the way it used to sound through the Georgia pines
You were there to answer when I called
You and me, we had it all

I remember how I used to touch your hand
While reaching for the feeling that was always there
You were the best thing in my life I can recall
You and me we had it all

I know that we can never live those times again
So I let these dreams take me back to where we've been
Then I'll stay there with you just as long as I can
Oh it was so good, oh it was so good
It was so good when I was your man

And I'll never stop believing in your smile
Even though it didn't stay, it was all worthwhile
You were the best thing in my life I can recall
You and me, we had it all
You and me, we had it all


It’s a Dobie Gray song that we’ve always loved, and I actually had forgotten we had recorded it. I had also forgotten how good it was and how much I like it.... (I)t’s a perennial, you know what I mean? One of those songs you sort of warm up in the loins with, you know?
- Keith Richards, 2011

Keith sings this one. It's an old-time country song written by Donnie Fritts and Troy Seals. I know this because I was mixing it and I said to Don Was, Did Keith write this song? I didn't know 'cause I'm not on it. Don said, No, it's an old cover tune. Waylon Jennings did a version, which is where I think Keith got it from.
- Mick Jagger, 2011

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