Jump Blues

Jump blues evolved out of swing in the years of World War II and its aftermath, as a precursor to rhythm and blues and rock & roll. Played by big bands, it nevertheless featured less improvisation and put the emphasis on steady rhythms, blaring saxophones and celebratory themes. Several of the Chuck Berry songs that the Stones played were covers of this type of music.

JAY MCSHANN  (1909-      )

A true-life Okie from Muskogee, McShann really straddled the jazz and pre-R&B worlds as a pianist and orchestra director. He started out in the 1930s and '40s, where jazz legend Charlie Parker played some of his first recordings with McShann's Orchestra. In the 1940s, McShann's band was one of the great Kansas City swing and jump blues bands. The Stones were not influenced directly by McShann or other jump blues artists, but covered his classic Confessin' the Blues by way of Chuck Berry's cover of the song.

AMOS MILBURN  (1927-1980)

Texas-born Amos Milburn was a boogie-woogie pianist who had a successful career in jump blues, piano blues and in generally pioneering R&B in the 1940s and early 1950s, despite his ill health. The Stones covered his classic 1946 hit Down the Road Apiece in 1965, based on Chuck Berry's cover of it.

His music, and this period of early R&B in general, is greatly appreciated by Bill Wyman, who cut an album's worth of this material, along with Charlie and other artists, for 1985's Willie and the Poor Boys (e.g. Chicken Shack Boogie). Bill also tries to recapture some of that boogie flavor in his recent (1998) album with the Rhythm Kings, Struttin' Our Stuff.

BOBBY TROUP  (1918-1999)

Pennsylvania-born Troup was a pianist and vocalist who dabbled in many styles. The Stones were not directly influenced by him, but they covered his classic Route 66 by way of Chuck Berry's cover of the song.

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