I always felt shy but I acted so bold

    January 2001: Mick Jagger works on his solo album in New York City with Rob Thomas.

Rob Thomas (2001): Playing with Mick

I got there like 20 minutes early, and I was playing a couple songs. (Mick) came in and started singing along, just this fucking gold. It's good to know that Mick's still a guy that gets an idea in his head, picks up a pen and goes with it. 


    January 22, 2001: Mick Jagger attends the premiere of the film Enigma in Park City, Utah at the Sundance Film

    February 3, 2001: Mick Jagger attends a Black Crowes concert in New York City.

    February 7, 2001: Mick Jagger catches the U2 concert at the Astoria Theatre in London, England.

    February 2001: Mick Jagger resumes work on his solo album at his home studio in Richmond, England.

    February 14, 2001: The Charlie Watts Quintet perform a charity show at the 100 Club in London, England.

    February 25, 2001: Charlie Watts plays some of his favourite jazz tracks on BBC radio's Desert Island Discs.

Charlie Watts (March 2011): Life with the Rolling Stones

I wouldn't have minded (if the Rolling Stones hadn't lasted): Oh dear, I'm gonna miss that bit. But looking at the life I've led, it's very nice, very privileged really. I get paid very well for doing what I love doing, you know. (I wouldn't have preferred playing with a jazz band.) Maybe because I enjoy being with the Rolling Stones.

    March 2001: Keith Richards starts two months-plus of recording material at his home studio in Connecticut, including
        the Hank Williams cover You Win Again. During the year, Keith Richards also helps out on religious recordings
        with his sister-in-law, Lutheran singer and author Marsha Hansen, along with Blondie Chaplin, Babi Floyd and
        other musicians.

Keith Richards (2002): Playing in Hell

There's a room (in my studio) called L, which some people pronounce Hell. But it's called L because it's L-shaped, a sort of unique shape for recording, but one part of the L happens to be for my pool room and the other is the bar. I was working down there and allowed in some guys, Blondie Chaplin and a few other cats that I'm working with. And I got this request to do the something for Timeless, the Hank Williams compilation that came out last year. I said, Yeah, I'd love to do - I was firmly convinced that someone else would have cut it - so I said I'll do it if I can do "You Win Again", and they called back and told me that, funny enough, no one had tried that one. So I said, OK, I'm in. So we cut it down in the basement and it came out and we got a Grammy!.

Keith Richards (2002): Life between Stones tours

I made a determined effort after the last tour to get up with the family. Which for me is a pretty impressive goal. But I did it - I'd get up at seven in the morning. After a few months, I was allowed to drive the kids to school... I read a lot. I might have a little sail around Long Island Sound if the weather is all right. I do a lot of recording in my basement - writing songs, keeping up to speed. I have no fixed routine. I wander about the house, wait for the maids to clean the kitchen, the fuck it all up again and do some frying. Patti and I go out once a week, if there's something on in town - take the old lady out for dinner with a bunch of flowers, get the rewards (smiles)


    March 6, 2001: Keith Richards performs a set at the Beacon Theatre in New York City, as part of an environmental
        benefit concert for the Rainforest Alliance.

    March 19, 2001: Keith Richards inducts Johnnie Johnson and James Burton at the 16th annual Rock & Roll Hall of
        Fame award ceremonies at the Waldorf Astoria in New York City, and takes part in the closing jam with Bono,
        Paul Simon, Kid Rock, Solomon Burke, Robbie Robertson and others.

    March 28, 2001: Ron Wood and Rod Stewart record a song together at the former's home studio in Richmond,

    March 29, 2001: Ron Wood tapes a performance with Rod Stewart in London for UK TV.

    April 2001: Keith Richards records with Sheryl Crow in New York City.

    April 23, 2001: John Phillips' lost 70s album, featuring Mick Jagger, Keith Richards, Ron Wood and Mick Taylor, is
        released posthumously as Pay, Pack and Follow.

    April 26, 2001: Keith Richards catches a Knicks game at Madison Square Garden in New York City.

    Late April 2001: Mick Jagger records the song God Gave Me Everything with Lenny Kravitz at Roxie Studios in
        Miami, Florida. The work is filmed for a documentary on Mick Jagger, as will much of his work and events
        during the next several months.

Mick Jagger (2001): Mick The Movie

As I was making the record at home, I started by shooting everything myself, put the camera on a tripod or asked visitors to film whatever I was doing because it was so fascinating and interesting (laughs). Then I got a bit more professional and decided to make a proper film... Of course I wanted to control it: that way you don't have to pull punches. I'd have been very guarded over what I'd have said and let be shot if I had no control over it.


    April 30, 2001: Keith Richards appears onstage with Sheryl Crow, and Kid Rock, at the Shine in New York City.

    Mid-May 2001: Mick Jagger starts three weeks' of recording sessions for his album Goddess in the Doorway at Third
        Stone Studios in Los Angeles.

Mick Jagger (2001): In the other world

I don't believe in having bands for solo records. It's pointless. I mean, I've got a very good band in the other world.


    June 2001: Ron Wood records his next solo album at his home studio in Richmond, England.

Ron Wood (2001): A family affair

I was just trying out the (studio) room with a couple of ex-members of my son Jessie's band, Martin and Mark... (T)he album was accidental really. Instead of me working with a Bernard Fowler or a Bobby Womack, this is totally my brainchild... My son Jessie is playing guitar on a lot of the tracks and Leah, my daughter, sings on a song called This Little Heart.


    June 4, 2001: Charlie Watts catches Bill Wyman's band the Rhythm Kings perform at the Roadhouse in London,

   June 4-16, 2001: Charlie Watts' band, augmented to a Tentet, performs a series of concerts at Ronnie Scott's in
        London, England. Bill Wyman is a visitor on the 7th.

Charlie Watts (2001): The Tentet

We usually like to start out with something by Charlie Parker, one of my favourite players, or by Duke Ellington. But the band works best with originals. Both Gerard (Presencer) and Peter (King) have contributed outstanding tunes and charts. I feel the band really picks up and takes off on these originals. It's like with my other band.


    Mid-June 2001: Mick Jagger starts a month of recording sessions for his next album at Metropolis Studios in
        London, England.

Mick Jagger (2001): Making a solo album as opposed to a Stones album

It can be more personal, and I think it's nice to have a change and work with other people. It's refreshing, and then you go back to the other thing in a slightly different frame of mind, which I think is good for both things.

It's a lot easier (making a solo album) (laughs). Without the so-called democracy. Democracy in music is not always a good thing... The thing with this record is that, one, it's a lot easier to do. You don't have to be beholden to the committee. Quite often in a band people just want to be heard for the sake of being heard, you know. Also a band like the Rolling Stones which has been around for so long has quite a sort of collective identity which you're stuck with. Which is a good thing to establish an identity as a band. It's what you're searching for. But in some ways you're quite restricted. You can't imagine a Rolling Stones record without it being a rock record. It's not possible. It's just nice to change musical gears for a minute, really. It's just a different kind of experience, making a record like this.


    June 12, 2001: Mick Jagger attends a Charlie Watts Tentet performance in London.

    June 13, 2001: Keith Richards and Ron Wood catch a Charlie Watts Tentet show in London.

June 14, 2001: Around this date, the Rolling Stones gather for group purposes for the first time in two
    years, conducting a meeting in London, England, to discuss tour plans for the following year, which
    will mark their 40th anniversary as a band.

Mick Jagger (October 2001): A future Rolling Stones set of unreleased material

I think that would be interesting for some people. For others it would be the ultimate in boredom. I don't want to do that job. I'm not really interested in that. I mean I'm interested in hearing the result, but sifting through the tapes? I mean, nooo! Please! Show me your favourites at the end. I don't think (Keith is interested) either. I mean he wouldn't actually want to do it. He wouldn't mind listening to it when it's done, but none of the Rolling Stones are all that interested. The only one who liked that kind of stuff was Bill, who is no longer in the Stones, but he had that librarian sort of mentality. He's the diary-keeper.


    Mid-to-late June 2001: Pete Townshend helps out Mick Jagger at his home studio in Richmond, England, on the song

    June 21, 2001: Death of the great blues legend John Lee Hooker.

    June 25, 2001: British tabloids report on a stolen lyric from the unreleased Gun and claim it's about Jerry Hall.

    July 4, 2001: Mick Jagger works on the song Brand New Set of Rules at Metropolis Studios with his daughters
        Elizabeth and Georgia on backup vocals. He also attends Madonna's concert at Earls Court Theatre in London.

    July 5, 2001: Mick Jagger attends Elton John's charity ball in London, England.

    July 7, 2001: At a cricket game broadcast in England, Mick Jagger confirms the Rolling Stones will tour next year.

    July 13, 2001: Mick Jagger works on the song Joy with Bono at Heidkamp, Germany.

    July 15, 2001: Ron Wood backs Bob Dylan for a full concert at the Smithwicks Festival in Kilkenny, Ireland.

    July 21, 2001: Mick Jagger works on the song Hideaway with Wyclef Jean at the Hit Factory in New York City.

    Late July 2001: Mick Jagger continues work on his solo album in New York City.

Mick Jagger (2001): A blues album in the future?

I would love to do a blues record, and I think a blues record would be very good to do with the Rolling Stones. But I'd also like to do a blues record on my own. The songwriting limitations upon the blues are rather too much of a structure, you know, and that's a real forced-into-a-corner kind of style. It's difficult to be forward-looking in that genre, and that's a really tough one. I like to be a little bit contemporary. I'm not a slave to it, but I like to be a little bit contemporary.


    July 31, 2001: Charlie Watts presents an award on the BBC Jazz Awards in London, England.

    August 14, 2001: Mick Jagger does his civic duty and votes in the general election in Great Britain.

    September 6, 2001: Mick Jagger presents an award at the Video Music Awards in New York City and is interviewed
        with Britney Spears.

    September 11, 2001: Mick Jagger is in France as the terrorist attacks take place in the United States. Keith Richards is
          recording a song at his home studio in Connecticut with Ronnie Spector.

Mick Jagger (2001): September 11

I was in a state of shock because my daughter Elizabeth lives about 15 blocks away in New York City. We couldn't get through. In the evening, we managed to get through via South Africa, which was really weird. What I feel from a lot of my American friends, although they're not really able to put it into words, is a sense of violation. It's a horrible thing to have that feeling broken - that America was this place where they all felt safe... I lived in New York City for a long time so I have a huge sympathy with the town. I identified with it perhaps more than any other city in the United States so I know it very well. Yeah, you feel a great closeness especially when there's trouble, you do.


    September 24, 2001: Mick Jagger attends the royal premiere of Enigma at the Odeon Cinema in Leicester Square
        in London. Prince Charles is present, as are Ron Wood and Bill Wyman.

    Early October 2001: Keith Richards takes part in a celebrity recording of a U.S. public announcement promoting
        tolerance in the wake of the September 11 terrorist attacks.

    October 5, 2001: Ron Wood performs on UK TV's Lily Live, along with his son and daughter Jesse and Leah.

    October 6, 2001: Mick Jagger attends Bob Geldof's birthday part at the latter's home in England and takes part in a
        jam, along with Bill Wyman.

Mick Jagger (October 2001): The bachelor

It's like everyone I have dinner with, I'm having an affair with. Who was it I met the other day? Minnie Driver! There were like eight of us at dinner and I never met Minnie Driver and she seems charming, but I mean that's the only time I've ever met her. And then I was reading I was having (an affair) because she's just broken up, so that was a natural. But people don't bother to check with anything like that anymore. Tkey just like to speculate in print. We like fact-checking!

I'm sure I could be in a full-time relationship but I'm not at the moment. I don't think that being in a full-time relationship is necessarily for everybody all of the time. It's not necessarily some state of grace that you're in, you know, but I think it's great and who knows what will happen in the future?


    October 2001: Mick Jagger tapes a videoclip for God Gave Me Everything in Los Angeles.

    October 12, 2001: The Charlie Watts Tentet performs in Cardiff, Wales.

    October 18, 2001: Mick Jagger hands out an award on the televised VH 1/Vogue Fashion Awards in New York City.

Mick Jagger (October 2001): The Rolling Stones next year!

I don't think (Keith) was mad at all (about me doing a solo album this year). I don't think we ever intended to do any touring this year. We were always talking about working next year and we've been planning what we're going to do. We're going to be working next year which is coming up to our 40th anniversary... I think there should be something new and good out there but what it's going to be, I don't know... 

The last tour was so long, I don't think Keith and Ronnie would want to do that again. Strange things happen to you on a tour that long. No matter how rooted you are, it plays with your perspective on life. It's too long to be getting so much attention. I don't feel I'm being creative enough on tour. I know how Honky Tonk Women goes by now and I don't need a lot of my faculties to sing it. A tour like that becomes a test of how strong you can be. It becomes a fitness thing, which isn't really where you want to be.

We're trying to cook something up. The 40th anniversary is a good party to give, hopefully there will be something happening... I don't think there will be a completely new studio album. I hope there will be something.


    October 19, 2001: Mick Jagger and Keith Richards rehearse at Madison Square Garden in New York City for the
        next day's concert.

    October 20, 2001: Mick Jagger and Keith Richards perform Salt of the Earth and Miss You at Madison Square Garden
        in New York City as part of the all-star benefit Concert for New York in response to September 11.

Mick Jagger (2001): The Concert for New York

I was very pleased to do it because it was, first of all, something I felt close to and a good cause, and also it sounded like it was going to be a fun evening... (Keith) decided he wanted to do it at the last minute and I always wanted to do it with him and I was very pleased. And I gave him a ring and said, It's all coming together, because the thing about these events is that you never know what they're going to be like. It's a bit hit-and-miss sometimes.

I don't know why (Salt of the Earth) just jumped into my head because I thought that was a song that we haven't done very much but I thought it was good for the moment. And (Miss You) was like a song about being in New York. So I thought that was kind of appropriate. It seemed to work out.


    October 29-November 3, 2001: The Charlie Watts Tentet perform at the Blue Note in Tokyo, Japan.

    November 2-3, 2001: Mick Jagger promotes his upcoming album in Cologne, Germany and Amsterdam, Netherlands.

    November 5, 2001: Mick Jagger promotes his new album in Paris, France. While in Paris, he meets and starts dating
        fashion stylist L'Wren Scott.

    November 6-11, 2001: The Charlie Watts Tentet perform at the Blue Note in New York City. Keith Richards attends the
        first night's performance.

November 12, 2001: Mick Jagger's fourth solo album, Goddess in the Doorway, is released on Virgin Records.

    November 15, 2001: Mick Jagger performs a single concert to present his new album, at the El Rey Club in Los

    November 19, 2001: Ron Wood's sixth solo album, and first in nine years, Not For Beginners, is released. Mick Jagger
        participates in an on-line chat on AOL.

    November 22, 2001: The documentary Being Mick, shot over the last two years and showing Mick Jagger in various
        private and work settings, is broadcast on American and British TV.

Mick Jagger (2001): Being Mick

It is just about the last year, it is about the recording, making Enigma and whatever else was happening around me, looking after my kids and going on holiday.


    November 24, 2001: The Charlie Watts Tentet perform in Barcelona, Spain.

    November 29, 2001: George Harrison dies of cancer.

Mick Jagger & Keith Richards (2001): George

Mick: I am very saddened by George (Harrison)'s death and will miss him enormously. As a guitarist, he invented many classic lines that were much copied by others, and he wrote several very beautiful songs that we will always remember. He was a very complex character, both quiet and funny with a very sweet nature, but he also could be rather combative at times. He was the first musician I knew who developed
a truly spiritual side, and he was generous with his time to both charity and to friends. 

Keith: To me, George was, always will be, above all, a real gentleman, in the full meaning of the word. We both felt we held similar positions in our respective bands, which formed a special knowing bond between us. Let's hope he's jamming with John.


    December 2, 2001: Mick Jagger performs God Gave Me Everything with Lenny Kravitz on U.S. TV's VH-1 Music
        Awards in Los Angeles.

    December 3, 2001: Keith and Patti Richards attend the premiere of Robert Altman's Gosford Park in New York City.

    December 8, 2001: Mick Jagger appears on U.S. TV's Saturday Night Live from New York City, performing and
        participating in skits. Ron Wood performs a solo concert in Dublin, Ireland, with Slash of Guns 'N Roses on board.

    December 11-12, 2001: Ron Wood performs at Shepherds Bush Empire and the CC Club in London, England. He also
        tapes an appearance on UK TV's Jools Holland's Annual Hootenanny.

    December 14, 2001: Ron Wood performs on UK TV's Friday Night with Jonathan Ross.

    Mid-to-late December 2001: Ron Wood records Cilla Black at his home studio in Richmond, England.

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