South Yorkshire
North Yorkshire



South Yorkshire

Kingston-upon-Hull               City Hall                      Oct. 15, 1963
                                      ABC Theatre                Sep. 21, 1964

Sheffield                         Gaumont Theatre         Oct. 22, 1963
                                      City Hall                       Nov. 13, 1963

                                                City Hall                                              Feb. 27, 1964
                                                City Hall                                              May 29, 1964
                                                City Hall                                              Mar. 11, 1965
                                                Gaumont Theatre                                Oct. 11, 1965
                                                Don Valley Stadium                             July 9, 1995
                                                Don Valley Stadium                             June 6, 1999

Don Valley Stadium, Sheffield, June 6, 1999

                                                Don Valley Stadium                             Aug. 27, 2006

Doncaster                                Gaumont Theatre                                Oct. 12, 1963
                                                The Baths                                             Dec. 4, 1963
                                                Gaumont Theatre                                Sep. 24, 1964
                                                Gaumont Theatre                                Oct. 12, 1965

Huddersfield                             ABC Theatre                                        Mar. 10, 1965

Bradford                                  Gaumont Theatre                                Oct. 19, 1963
                                                King and Queens Hall                          Dec. 11, 1963
                                                Gaumont Theatre                                Mar. 4, 1964
                                                St-Georges Hall                                   May 14, 1964

[Bradford, 1964.]  (The band) didn't want to sit around their dressing room until the second half. No cops about. They said, Shall we chance running across the road to the hotel? They all made it, except Brian, who chickened out before we got to the hotel entrance because there was people running after him. He eventually turned around and ran the other way. So all these people are chasing Brian through the streets in Bradford, tearing clothes off him. The police finally brought him back without a jacket, without a shirt, and he'd lost a shoe and handfuls of hair.
- Ian Stewart, Stones' pianist (1962-85)

                                                Odeon Theatre                                      Sep. 26, 1964
                                                Gaumont Theatre                                 Oct. 4, 1965

Leeds                                       Queens Hall                                           Nov. 6, 1963
                                                Queens Hall                                           July 12, 1964
                                                Odeon Theatre                                      Oct. 9, 1965
                                                Odeon Theatre                                      Sep. 24, 1966
                                                University of Leeds                               Mar. 13, 1971
                                                Roundhay Park                                     July 25, 1982

York                                        Rialto Theatre                                       Feb. 26, 1964

North Yorkshire

Bridlington                        Spa Royal Hotel              May 2, 1964
                                        Spa Royal Hotel              July 11, 1964

Scarborough                    Futurist Theatre              Mar. 8, 1965
                                       Futurist Theatre              Aug. 22, 1965

Middlesbrough                Outlook Club                     July 13, 1963
                                             (not Alcove Club as usually stated: thanks to Christopher Bailey, who was there)  



Stockton-on-Tees     Rank Theatre                  Feb. 19, 1964

[Stockton, 1964.]  There was a lovely hotel (in Stockton), always wanted to stay there, but they didn't appreciate Brian at all. Brian would walk around the halls in his underpants, making noise, and just be a fuckin' uncivilized idiot. At most of these British hotels, people go to bed at 10 at night. But these people made the effort. They said, Yeah, fine, OK, we'll lay on a nice cold meal, and there'll be waiters here when you come back. So we come back from the gig at midnight, and there are 2 waiters there, a great big table, fresh fruit salad and melon and cold meat. But Brian's got to start throwing bread rolls around the room, and demanding all sorts of bloody things they didn't have, and then he'd be obnoxious when they didn't have it. And instead of somebody  - well, sometimes they WOULD sit on him and they wouldn't go along - but at other times, once he'd start, the others'd start as well, and oh, I used to get so BLEEDIN' embarrassed.
- Ian Stewart, Stones' pianist (1962-85)

                                                ABC Theatre                                         Sep. 20, 1964
                                                ABC Theatre                                         Oct. 8, 1965
                                                ABC Theatre                                         Sep. 29, 1966

Sunderland                               Rank Theatre                                        Feb. 20, 1964
                                                Odeon Theatre                                      Mar. 9, 1965



Newcastle                  Odeon Theatre                   Oct. 18, 1963

Advertisement for Fall 1963 UK Tour

                                                Whiskey Go-Go                                 Nov. 8, 1963
                                                City Hall                                               May 13, 1964
                                                Odeon Theatre                                     Sep. 18, 1964
                                                City Hall                                               Oct. 7, 1965
                                                City Hall                                               Oct. 1, 1966
                                                City Hall                                               Mar. 4, 1971

[Newcastle, March 4, 1971.]  Then, Midnight Rambler, which, as it breaks down, is 6, 8, 10, or 12 bars of basic blues, depending on how long it takes Keith to sling one guitar over his head and get another on and tuned and launch the song's driving riff. Then, everybody pushing to one ending and the psychodrama begins, with just the bass pulsing away and the lights blue and eerie in Mick's face. Off comes the studded black belt, Mick is down on his knees, Beggin' with ya bay-bay, uh, uh... Go down on me bay-bay, uh, uh. Rising slow and sinister to Wahl, you heard about de Bos-ton... stretching and stretching the second syllable, dangling the belt behind his shoulder, then slashing it to the floor as the band crashes it in back of him and all the lights come up. ...Honey, it's not of of those. Oooooooooooooh. Every night there's this sharp intake of breath, nervous giggles, little girls finally getting hip to what it's all about as that belt crashes down and the band hits everything in sight as the lights come up on Mick, hunched over and prowling like an evil old man.
- Robert Greenfield, journalist, 1971

                                                City Hall                                                Sep. 13, 1973
                                                United Football Ground                       June 23, 1982
                                                St-James Park                                       July 18, 1990

Whitley Bay                             Club Go-Go                                        Nov. 9, 1963