PART VII: The Twenties

I mean, for me, I’m very lucky because I’m in a profession, if you want, that I’m able to work. Right now we would have been rehearsing to go on tour. Fortunately I have other facets and so I’m very lucky so I can do stuff like redo the song that we just talked about... And people say, Yeah, I can, but there’s a lot of people that can’t. A lot of people lost their jobs and it’s not your fault. It’s circumstances completely out of your control. It’s not as though I did a bad job or I screwed up on my job and got fired. It’s 20 million people lost their jobs completely for something that’s nothing to do with them at all. And also the less money you have, the more worries you have. So for lots of people, it’s really tough. I mean, I have friends and they live in really small apartments in a big city and they don’t have anywhere to go and they’ve lost their job. I’m very, very lucky and I’m very aware how lucky I am, but not everyone’s as lucky as me. And it’s been a horrible time for everyone. But some people worse than others... This is a weird thing about writing. It’s like I’ve written things down obviously about the times we’re living and everything but then you want escapism as well. When this might come out, this might be all in the past or we’re going to be in a different place or we don’t know what’s going to happen to us. So you don’t want to just concentrate on this moment. But of course you do want to document it as well because it’s very important. So you've got to just let things come, see what comes out and be aware that you’ve got a multitude of choices to draw on.

- Mick Jagger, April 2020, on the coronavirus pandemic

It's heartbreaking to see America tearing itself apart again over issues of race. Tomorrow I stand with my fellow artists and observe blackout Tuesday to combat racial discrimination and social injustice. I pray that looking beyond this day we can all work together to overcome this hatred and division and start to heal the pain and suffering that everybody is feeling in the country. We owe that to future generations.

- Mick Jagger, June 1, 2020, during the protests following the death of George Floyd


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