This does not presume to be a complete astrological profile of Brian Jones, but merely an indication of some of his principal characteristics - for those who believe in astrology (I am only an amateur) - according to his Sun Sign and Moon Sign. Though other planets and factors in a chart are important, many astrologists consider these two planets to be the most determinant in one's make-up. The following information is quoted from an excellent, and highly convincing (and that I have found most often incredibly accurate) book on the subject, called Sun Sign, Moon Sign, by world-renowned astrologists Charles and Suzi Harvey (Aquarian, 1994).

Sun Sign = PISCES        (water = emotion)
Moon Sign = LEO       (fire = passion/drive)

Water/Fire types, according to the Harveys, have... a reputation for being especially given to passionate emotional involvement. Volatile, romantic, moody, the Fire-Water person has the artistic temperament which can fluctuate wildly. It is a poetic, ardent temperament, courageous in its visions yet vulnerable in its need for love and inspiration... Instability and impracticality can play havoc with the smooth running of their lives.

The following traits are specific to Pisces (Sun)/ Leo (Moon) types:

Main Characteristics: Emotional; moody; sociable; articulate; sensitive; lively inner world; idealistic; imaginative; apparent sureness but inner insecurity; flair for the dramatic; strong moral sense; humanitarian artist; receptive; big-hearted; compassionate; the tragic romantic; hero worship; self-hood through self-immolation.

Greatest strengths: Intuitive insight; artistic talents and flair for self-dramatization; undying service and devotion to loved ones.

Greatest weaknesses: Tendency to worry and doubt your abilities; fear of competition; moodiness and instability; proneness to dramatize your weaknesses in order to manipulate others' sympathy.

Other famous individuals sharing this combination include: Vivaldi, President Grover Cleveland, John Updike, Mikhail Gorbachev, Ralph Nader.

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