This does not presume to be a complete astrological profile of Charlie Watts, but merely an indication of some of his principal characteristics - for those who believe in astrology (I am only an amateur) - according to his Sun Sign and Moon Sign. Though other planets and factors in a chart are important, many astrologists consider these two planets to be the most determinant in one's make-up. The following information is quoted from an excellent, and highly convincing (and that I have found most often incredibly accurate) book on the subject, called Sun Sign, Moon Sign, by world-renowned astrologists Charles and Suzi Harvey (Aquarian, 1994).

Sun Sign = GEMINI        (air = intellect)
Moon Sign = VIRGO        (earth = sensation)

Air/Earth types, according to the Harveys, showcase a... productive, rational personality which can be both innovative and efficient. The challenge of being-up-in-the-air and down-to-earth at the same time is that of bringing together abstract thought with the nitty-gritty issues of getting on in the world... This is the temperament of the practical idealist who observes, thinks, plans a course of action and then acts.

The following traits are specific to Gemini (Sun)/ Virgo (Moon) types:

Main Characteristics: Analytical; nervous; mental energy; sense of service; clarity of expression; conscientious, practical expertise; communication skills; restless worrier; divine discontent; intellectual and artistic aspirations.

Greatest strengths: Fine, analytical mind; wit and sense of fun; flair with technical skills and precise communication; heightened aesthetic sense; practical commitment to helping others.

Greatest weaknesses: Permitting anxieties to arrest your creative talents; a rather clinical insensitivity to the emotional needs of others; tendency to find fault and criticize negatively; and to jump discontentedly from one thing to the next.

Other famous individuals sharing this combination include:  Richard Strauss, Paul Gauguin, John F. Kennedy and Brian Wilson (Beach Boys).

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