This does not presume to be a complete astrological profile of Mick Jagger, but merely an indication of some of his principal characteristics - for those who believe in astrology (I am only an amateur) - according to his Sun Sign and Moon Sign. Though other planets and factors in a chart are important, many astrologists consider these two planets to be the most determinant in one's make-up. The following information is quoted from an excellent, and highly convincing (and that I have found most often incredibly accurate) book on the subject, called Sun Sign, Moon Sign, by world-renowned astrologists Charles and Suzi Harvey (Aquarian, 1994).

Sun Sign = LEO         (fire = energy/drive)
Moon Sign = TAURUS        (earth = sensation)

Fire/Earth types, according to the Harveys, showcase a... strong, compelling personality... This individual can deal with molten metal like the blacksmith or the engineer shaping raw material into serviceable tools. Here is the practical enthusiast, the doer who can also enthuse others to action. This combination has been called the bull-dozer, for he has tremendous weight and drive to push ahead in exactly the direction he wants... Earth-Fire types may possess a raucous sense of humour, a pronounced sensuality and a real penchant for the good life...

The following traits are specific to Leo (Sun)/ Taurus (Moon) types:

Main Characteristics: Love of grandeur; generous; magnetic; stubborn; traditional; sensual; dictatorial; egocentric; administrator; regal; seeks a powerful position; pragmatic; dependable; capable; productive; materialistic; artistic flair; the showman; loyal; self-seeking.

Greatest strengths: Moral and emotional commitment to yourself and your goals; personal charisma; staying power; ability to think big; capacity for hard work and also to enjoy the good things in life; strong sense of responsibility and unflappableness in times of crisis.

Greatest weaknesses: Tendency to be intensely subjective and biased, proud and inflexible with inferiors; to be overtly selfish and withholding if offended; and to speak out scathingly without thinking when a little diplomacy would win people over and magically move the obstacles that seem to stand in your way.

Other famous individuals sharing this combination include:  G. B. Shaw, Carl Jung, Lucille Ball, Bill Clinton.

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