This does not presume to be a complete astrological profile of Ron Wood, but merely an indication of some of his principal characteristics - for those who believe in astrology (I am only an amateur) - according to his Sun Sign and Moon Sign. Though other planets and factors in a chart are important, many astrologists consider these two planets to be the most determinant in one's make-up. The following information is quoted from an excellent, and highly convincing (and that I have found most often incredibly accurate) book on the subject, called Sun Sign, Moon Sign, by world-renowned astrologists Charles and Suzi Harvey (Aquarian, 1994).

Sun Sign =  GEMINI        (air = intellect)
Moon Sign =  SCORPIO        (water = emotion)

Air/Water types, according to the Harveys, showcase a... combination of mind and emotion (that) can produce a wonderful sense of humour and an extremely creative imagination, making for an equal interest in both sciences and the humanities, in people and things, in fact and fiction. This individual is enormously sensitive and potentially insightful, but may need to exert terrific effort in handling the real world.

The following traits are specific to Gemini (Sun) / Scorpio (Moon) types:

Main Characteristics: Extrovert yet introvert; passionate yet superficial; vitality and sensuality; breezy but intense; communicative yet secretive; quick-witted and deep-hearted; colourful and paradoxical.

Greatest strengths: Forthright devotion and dedication to your convictions; investigative gifts; robust humour and penetrating satirical wit; colourful language and verbal skills; ability to communicate great depth of feeling with flair and passion; stoicism.

Greatest weaknesses: Your often ferocious temper and scathing tongue; restless and erratic approach to life; self-doubt; manipulation of others by words and sexual innuendo; resistance to requests for change despite your own changeableness and inconsistencies.

Other famous individuals sharing this combination include:  G. K. Chesterton, John Wayne, Miles Davis.

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