Rain Fall Down

Composers: Mick Jagger & Keith Richards
Recording date:
August-September & November-December 2004, March-April & June 2005
Recording locations:
La Fourchette, Posť sur Cisse, France & Ocean Way Recording Studios, Los Angeles, USA
Producers: Don Was & The Glimmer Twins     Chief engineer: Krish Sharma
Krish Sharma          Performed onstage: 2005-06


Drums: Charlie Watts
Bass: Darryl Jones
Acoustic guitar: Keith Richards
Electric guitars: Keith Richards, Mick Jagger & Ron Wood
Keyboards: Mick Jagger & Matt Clifford
Lead vocals: Mick Jagger
Backing vocals: Mick Jagger & Keith Richards
Vibes: Mick Jagger &
Matt Clifford
Matt Clifford

It was a filthy block of flats
Trash was on the floor
A stink was in my nose
Hinges off the doors

She took me in her room
All was spick and span
Fixed me up a drink
Turned down all the lamps

And the rain fell down
On the cold hard ground
And the phone kept ringing
And we made sweet love

Why do we live in this strange grey town?
They build it up and let it all fall down
Feel like we're living in a battleground
Everybody's jazzed

Why do we live in this strange grey town?
The paint is peeling and the sky's turned brown
The bankers are wankers, every Thursday night
They just vomit on the ground

And the rain fell down
On the cold grey town
And the phone kept ringing
And we made sweet love

And we made sweet love

Mm mm (ooh ooh) - everybody's dreaming

Mm mm (ooh ooh) -
everybody's scheming, yeah
Mm mm-mm-mm-mm (ooh ooh) - oh (ooh ooh)
Watching the rain fall down

She cooked me up some eggs
Then she made some tea
Kissed me on the cheek
And I turned on her TV

It was all the usual crap
All the usual sleaze
For 10 000 quid
Some bimbo spilled the beans, yeah

And the rain fell down
On the cold grey town
And the phone kept ringing
And we made sweet love

And we made sweet love

Yeah - and the rain fell down
And we made, and we made, and we made
Sweet love

And the phone kept, the phone kept ringing - yeah
Mm mm mm mm-mm-mm
Uh - yeah

And the phone kept ringing
The phone kept ringing

And the rain
And the rain... and the rain
Rain... rain...
Rain... rain...
Rain... the rain...
The rain... the rain...
The rain...



(T)here are other songs, more concentrated stuff like Rain Fall Down and Laugh, I Nearly Died, that are more created sounds of the studio.

- Mick Jagger, August 2005

I laid down drum loops on the demos and certain grooves, and I ended up working with Charlie and working up those specific grooves, like on Rain Fall Down. In the old days when you did demos, you couldn't really carry them over into recording. But now I just took certain elements, and I've kept elements, so it saves you time. And also you can get a cetain kind of feel sometimes when you inititially do it, too.

- Mick Jagger, November 2005

...London's gotten even scarier. Rain Fall Down is a song about London. It has a line, Feel like we're living in a battleground / Everyone's jazzed. That was in my head already. There weer so many armed police in the streets. Walking around, seeing machine guns, is not how you imagine London to be. If we keep going down this track, we're not going to get back.

- Mick Jagger, July 2005

(I)t's very tongue-in-cheek. But yeah it's saying, We all live here, why do we think it's so great? I wasn't thinking about the girl selling my story exactly, more the tawdriness of it all. I was thinking of someone like Jude Law and the nanny. He's like the new Hugh Grant.

- Mick Jagger, July 2005

I like eggs at the right moment. It's really nice at the right moment. Not the wrong moment. In the morning. (After sex, y)eah, but in the morning!

- Mick Jagger, July 2005


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