They've been outcasts all their lives

    January 4, 1973: Mick and Bianca Jagger return to Jamaica from Nicaragua. The Rolling Stones learn they are
        denied work permits in Australia, jeopardizing their upcoming Australasian tour.

January 4, 1973: The Rolling Stones learn they are denied work permits in Australia, jeopardizing their
       upcoming Australasian tour.
Bill Wyman and Alexis Korner: Mick Taylor wanting out

Bill: Taylor felt he was wasting his time. He didn't like spending ten hours working on a track he could master in three hours.

Alexis Korner: When Mick Taylor joined the band his attitude was It's OK getting the money and playing with the band but I'm splitting after 18 months to do my own thing. I told him to join but I told him it was ridiculous to believe he'd leave within 18 months. Once you get used to the Stones and a life of ease with various habits there's no getting out.

    January 9, 1973: Japan bans Mick Jagger from entering the country because of his past drug conviction, causing a
        cancellation of plans for concerts there. Australia lifts its ban.

January 16-18, 1973: The Rolling Stones hold rehearsals and recording sessions at SIR Studios in Los

January 18, 1973: The Rolling Stones perform a benefit concert for Nicaragua earthquake victims at
    the Los Angeles Forum, with Santana and Cheech & Chong as opening acts.

January 20, 1973: The Rolling Stones fly to Hawaii to start their Australasian tour.

January 21-22, 1973: The Rolling Stones open their 1973 Pacific Tour by performing three concerts in
    Honolulu, Hawaii.
Mick Jagger (1973): Without a home

Charlie will stay in the South of France all the time. I just don't. Even two weeks in one place gets to be a maximum. The only time we stay anywhere longer is to finish off an album. I could go back to South of France but I never liked it there; soon as we cut the first album we left; I left im-ME-diately. I vist Ireland a lot; I had a house there for six months, and I prefer London, but I can't go there. So I'm very happy moving every two weeks. I've got it down. 

January 27-30, 1973: The Rolling Stones hold more recording sessions in Los Angeles, at Village
    Recorders Studios, working on Star Star and Dancing with Mr. D among other tracks.

February 6, 1973: The Rolling Stones fly to Sydney, Australia.

February 9, 1973: The Rolling Stones hold a press conference in Sydney.

February 11-18, 1973: The Rolling Stones perform in New Zealand and Australia for the first time in
    seven years, performing in Auckland, New Zealand; then Brisbane and Melbourne in Australia.
Keith Richards (1973): Old numbers in Australia

Actually we were doing a bunch of old numbers when we were touring Australia. Route 66 we did... Bye Bye Johnnie and It's All Over Now. One thing about working up the old songs is that Mick Taylor doesn't know 'em and would have to learn 'em from the beginning. I mean, there are songs like Have Mercy which I'd love to work up again. 

February 20-27, 1973: The Rolling Stones complete their Pacific tour with concerts in Adelaide, Perth
    and Sydney, Australia.

    February 28, 1973: Mick Jagger flies to Jamaica for a vacation, Keith Richards returns to Jamaica, Mick Taylor flies
        to Hong Kong, Bill Wyman and Ian Stewart travel to Los Angeles, and Charlie Watts returns home to France.
Anita Pallenberg: March 1973 and the start of the end

While Keith was away I'd be starting to get off heroin, really trying, but then he'd return and he'd get me on it just as bad as before. People who used to be friends began to get very bitchy toward me. Keith had this entourage of hangers-on who were always around the house, came for a weekend, stayed on for weeks and months, always a house full of freeloading sycophants, Yes,Keith, yes, anything you say, Keith, no private life, no time to talk, the suppliers bringing us the heroin, but that's all we had in common.

    March 1973: Bill Wyman purchases land in Vence, France, to build his own house.

    March-April 1973: Keith Richards purchases Point of View, an estate overlooking Cutlass Bay in Ocho Rios,

    April or May 1972: Keith Richards returns to London, England, and on the same day Anita Pallenberg is arrested
        for cannabis possession in Jamaica and jailed. She is eventually released and returns to London.

    May-July 1973: Mick Jagger and Keith Richards hang out frequently with Ron Wood in London.
Mick Taylor: Friends with Ronnie

Ronnie Wood is an old friend of mine. He's probably the guy that I've known longest. I know him since I was 15, we used to play together when he was in the Birds. I always knew that Ronnie Wood was going to take over from me when I left...  I went to his house first because I knew Ronnie, and then Mick and Keith started coming out there. I don't actually think they knew Ronnie that well. They knew Rod Stewart and they knew the Faces, they knew Ronnie a little bit but they didn't know him that well. But him and Keith became good friends.

    May 9, 1973: Mick and Bianca Jagger present a cheque for $500 000 to the United States Senate in Washington D.C.
        for the relief of Nicaraguan earthquake victims.

May 23-June 20, 1973: The Rolling Stones continue recording and mixing sessions for Goats Head Soup at
Studios in London. The group ends its association with producer Jimmy Miller.
Keith Richards: Ending it with Jimmy Miller

Jimmy Miller went in a lion and came out a lamb. We wore him out completely... Jimmy was great, but the more successful he became the more he got like Brian... (H)e ended up carving swastikas into the wooden console at Island Studios. It took him 3 months to carve a swastika. Meanwhile, Mick and I finished up Goats Head Soup.

    June 1973: Anita Pallenberg returns to England from Jamaica. Marsha Hunt files a suit in London to receive child
        payments from Mick Jagger.

June 6, 1973: The Rolling Stones do the photo shoot for the Goats Head Soup album cover in London.

    June 26, 1973: Keith Richards is arrested at his Cheyne Walk home in London for possession of cannabis, heroin,

        mandrax and an unauthorized gun.
Keith Richards (1973): The Keith Richards image

You see, I don't really give a damn what they - what the media or whatever you call 'em - write about me. You know, I'd just like to see all those c*cksuckers spending an hour onstage doing what I do, and see how they stand up to it. I just presume they have nothing better to do, or that they're hard up for a story, or whatever. It still goes on and I just go along with the Bad publicity is better than no publicity idea. I mean, if they wrote about me as the sweet, gentle, loving family man, it would probably do me more damage. And be equally untrue. They don't know anything anyway. They'll just blow anything up out of all proportions like that Ron Wood to replace Keith Richards story which started off as a mildly funny drunken joke we thought up at Tramps one night, and which Fleet Street got hold of and blew up.

Same with the busts. Everyone thinks I've been busted hundreds of time when in fact this now is only the second time I'ver even been brought up before a court. I mean Mick Jagger's been busted more than I have, but because you're a celebrity or whatever, everyone gets to hear about it.

    July 1973: Keith Richards spends time back in Redlands, Sussex.

    July 4, 1973: Mick and Bianca Jagger attend David Bowie's Ziggy Stardust "retirement party" at the Cafe Royale
        in London, England, along with Lou Reed, Paul McCartney, Ringo Starr, Jeff Beck, Keith Moon, Barbara
        Streisand, Dudley Moore and other celebrities. A famous picture is taken of the three original androgynous
        "glimmers" together: Mick, Lou & Bowie.
July 19, 1973: The Rolling Stones shoot promotional film clips for Angie, Silver Train and Dancing with
    Mr. D in London.

    July 26, 1973: Mick Jagger turns 30.

    July 31, 1973: A fire erupts at Redlands and Keith Richards, Anita Pallenberg and their children rush out for safety.

    August 1, 1973: Mick Jagger does an interview from a hotel room in New York City.

Mid-August 1973: Mick Jagger and Keith Richards remix Star Star for the upcoming album, at Soundplush
    Studios in Blaricum, Netherlands.

August 17, 1973: The Rolling Stones' first single off their next album, Angie, is released in the UK.  (Released on August 28 in the U.S.)

August 20-30, 1973: The Rolling Stones hold tour rehearsals in Rotterdam, The Netherlands.

August 31, 1973: The Rolling Stones' 13th U.S. and 11th UK studio album, Goats Head Soup, is released in the UK.  (Released on September 12 in the U.S.)

Mick Jagger: "Star Star"

I suppose we ask for it if we record things like Star Star. Christ, I don't do these things intentionally. I just wrote it. If girls can do that, I can certainly write about it, because it's what I see.

September 1-4, 1973: The Rolling Stones launch their 1973 European Tour with concerts in Vienna,
    Austria; and Mannheim (for the first time) and Cologne in West Germany.
Mick Jagger (1973): Back on the road

I like it on the road. I don't know what I'd do if I couldn't go out there, I'd go mad.

September 6, 1973: The Rolling Stones hold an expensive promotional party for Goats Head Soup at
    Bleinheim Palace in London, England.

September 7-9, 1973: The Rolling Stones perform four concerts at the Empire Pool in Wembley,

September 11-19, 1973: The Rolling Stones pursue their swing through Great Britain with concerts in
    Manchester, Newcastle and Birmingham in England, and Glasgow in Scotland.
Mick Jagger (October 1973): Good shows, OK shows

I know when I've given a lousy performance and I know when I'm great. I've worked myself into a state where I know I'd never ever give a very, very bad performance, but concerts vary and I think it's amusing that most writers can never really distinguish between a mediocre gig and a great one. Like those Wembley concerts, where I just wasn't on form - almost everyone said how great I was when I knew I wasn't doing my best. I mean, the first show there was horrible! But then there were concerts like the first show at Birmingham - were you there? - now that was a gtreat one, because the audience just stayed rigid in their seats and I found myself playing to the air which was beautiful in a way. I perform for anyone who's putting out some kind of reaction, and if there's no perceivable reaction I'll perform to the air. And that's sometimes when my finest moments happen.

Keith Richards (Sept. 1973): Onstage

Right now, I'm sticking pretty much to playing rhythm onstage. It depends on the number actually, but since Brian died, I've had to pay more attention to rhythm guitar anyway. I move more now simply because back when we were playing old halls I had to stand next to Charlie's drums in order to catch the beat, the sound was always so bad.

I like numbers to be organized - my thing is organization, I suppose - kicking the number off, pacing it and ending it. Either I fuck it up completely or it really comes together.

    September 19, 1973: Gram Parsons dies of a drug overdose in California.
Keith Richards (1978): Gram Parsons' death

It was (a shock), because Gram was one of my closest friends. Unfortunately many of my closest friends have died suddenly. It's like they've always been very compulsive people and Gram was no exception. Maybe it's the attraction of opposites? While they were with me, I could always hold them down... I could take care of Gram. But once he'd moved back to L.A. or whatever to form his own band, I started hearing stories... oh shit.

    September 20-26 1973: Date where a legend had it that Keith Richards had undergone a heroin addiction cure again
        in Switzerland through a system changing his blood. Keith Richards and Anita Pallenberg are examined sometime
        during this period by the J. Hillis Miller Health
Center and no drug symptoms are found.
Keith Richards: The blood change legend

Someone asked me how I cleaned up, so I told them I went to Switzerland and had my blood completely changed. I was just fooling around. I opened my jacket and said, How do you like my blood change? That's all it was, a joke. I was fucking sick of answering that question. So I gave them a story...

September 23 1973: The Rolling Stones perform for the first time in Innsbruck, Austria.

    September 23, 1973: As a reaction to learning of Gram Parsons' death, according to his own account, Keith Richards
        travels from Innsbruck to Munich, Germany to find and start a relationship with German actress and model Uschi

September 25-26, 1973: The Rolling Stones perform in Berne, Switzerland, also for the first time.

September 28-October 2, 1973: The Rolling Stones swing back through West Germany, performing
    six concerts in Munich, Frankfurt and Hamburg.

October 4-7, 1973: The Rolling Stones tour Scandinavia, performing in Aarhus and Copenhagen,
    Denmark;  and Gothenburg, Sweden.

October 9-11, 1973: The Rolling Stones play three concerts in Essen, West Germany.

October 12, 1973: The Rolling Stones hold a press conference in Amsterdam, Netherlands.
Andy Johns: Keith Richards and heroin

Keith is the only fuckin' guy I know who manages to keep some semblance of reality going on when he's smacked out. The guy is so strong it's ridiculous. We were in a hotel room one day in Amsterdam around '73. There were four or five of us and Keith laid out some speedballs. And I said, C'mon let's do another one. And Keith said to me, Andy, you've really got to try to keep this under control. And I thought, fuck me, KEITH RICHARDS is telling ME to cool out. I MUST be going overboard.

October 13-14, 1973: The Rolling Stones appear in Rotterdam, Netherlands for the first time,
    performing three concerts at the Sportpaleis Ahoy.

    October 14, 1973: The courts in Nice, France, find Keith Richards and Anita Pallenberg guilty of possession of
        cannabis, heroin and cocaine at their Nellcote villa in 1972. They are fined and given suspended sentences.
        They are banned from entering France for two years.

October 15-17, 1973: The Rolling Stones perform in Antwerp (for the first time) and Brussels in
    Belgium. The group does not perform in France during this tour, because of the ban on Keith

    October 17, 1973: According to Keith Richards, Bobby Keys doesn't show for band assembly on a concert day in
        Brussels because of intoxication, which results in his being bannedby Mick Jagger from future Rolling Stones
        tours until 1989, with occasional concert exceptions.


October 19, 1973: The Rolling Stones end their European tour with a concert in West Berlin, West
    Germany, their last ever concert with Mick Taylor as a member. It is also the Stones' last concert
    with a full horn section for sixteen years.
Charlie Watts (Oct. 1973): Money in Europe

It's hardly a financially successful operation. The last time we toured Europe we actually lost money. Can you imagine that? Having to slave around playing all these places and then finding out you've lost money. This might just be the first European tour we make any money on, though I don't know. Really, I'll be the last one of all to know about it.

    October 24, 1973: On Bill Wyman's 37th birthday, Keith Richards and Anita Pallenberg appear in court in London
        for their Cheyne Walk bust in June. Mick Jagger and Andy Johns are in attendance. Keith Richards is found
        guilty of posession of cannabis, heroin, mandrax and unregistered guns, and fined and given a conditional
        discharge. It is his first British conviction. Later in the evening, Keith Richards and Anita Pallenberg
        accidentally set fire to their London hotel bedroom.
Engineer Andy Johns: Keith and fire

People are saying, Fuckin' great, Keith got off again, and all of a sudden smoke starts coming in. We rush into the other room and one of the beds is completely aflame. One side of the double bed was on fire. It was incredible, we'd already been to court, Keith nearly got done, and here we are and the kids nearly get it. I thought, I'm getting out of here, man! People are running up and down the corridor calling us fuckin' rock and roll bastards, screaming we're trying to kill them all.

    Late October 1973: Mick Jagger attends one of John Lennon's recording sessions with Phil Spector for his Rock
        'n' Roll album in Los Angeles.

    Early November 1973: Bill Wyman starts recording his first solo album in Sausalito, California.
Bill Wyman: Making a solo album

I felt like I was on my own out in the wild somewhere and I could not get back to being one of the lads. I needed to get away from being a Rolling Stone. Keith's whole life might be the Rolling Stones, but mine isn't.

November 13-24, 1973: The Rolling Stones start rehearsals and recording sessions for their next
    album, It's Only Rock 'n Roll, at Musicland Studios in Munich, West Germany. They start work on
    Fingerprint File and Ain't Too Proud to Beg among others. Ron Wood shows up and plays on one of
    the tracks.

    November 28-December 14, 1973: Bill Wyman holds more recording sessions for his album in Los Angeles and
        Inglewood, California.

December 4-6, 1973: Mick Jagger records the basic track of It's Only Rock 'n Roll with Ron Wood at the latter's
    home in Richmond, Surrey, with David Bowie and co-Faces Ian McLagan and Kenney Jones.
Ron Wood: "It's Only Rock 'n Roll"

Mick (Jagger) and I worked out I Can Feel the Fire and after we'd done that, he said, Help me with this song, It's Only Rock n Roll, 'cause I wanna see how it turns out. So, say on a Tuesday evening: two guitars - Mick and I - and Mick singing lead vocal and David Bowie and myself on backup vocals. Then I overdubbed the rest of the instruments last and it sounded like a good demo. So the next night, we wanted to put it in a more presentable shape so we got hold of Kenny Jones who plays the drums on the actual record. Ah... I ended up with just my acoustic guitar that I laid originally. Keith replaced - RIGHTLY SO - the guitars that I'd done electrically.

    December 14, 1973: Bill Wyman attends a party with John Lennon in Los Angeles.

    December 18, 1973: Keith Richards turns 30.
Phil Kaufman, road manager: Keith Richards turning 30

No one expected Keith to make thirty. He disappointed a lot of people by turning thirty, but not me. I expect him to turn old. Keith's life is like the film On The Beach when they say, The last ones alive will be drunks and rabbits. Drink kept the radiation away. And it's the same with Keith. When everybody is gone and done what they're gonna do, Keith will be the only one left alive. Just like the rabbits and the drunks.


    Late December 1973: A "Jim Keltner Fan Club Hour" recording session takes place at the Record Plant in Los
        Angeles, with John Lennon producing, where Mick Jagger sings vocals on Too Many Cooks, along with
        musicians such as Bobby Keys, Jack Bruce and Al Kooper, which is finally released in 2007.



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