Can you break the spell?

    January 1 & 3, 1988: Ron Wood performs more solo concerts at his restaurant/nightclub Woody's On The Beach in
        Miami, Florida.

    January 7-8, 1988: Ron Wood joins Mick Taylor onstage at Woody's On The Beach in Miami.

Ron Wood (1994): Playing with Taylor again

He hasn't changed that much. A few years ago when I had Woody's On The Beach in Miami, a club where I got to play with all my favorites - you know, Buddy Guy, and all those - I had Mick Taylor's blues band there. I got up and played with him, and then when it came to doing an encore, he said, I can't go on. You do it. It was exactly the same as the old days! I said, Mick, what the hell is going on?


    January 8, 1988: Keith Richards leaves New York City for Antigua.

    January 10-15, 1988: Ron Wood joins Spice Roots, Billy Preston and Big Bang onstage at Woody's On The Beach.

    January 16, 1988: Ron Wood returns to England.

January 18, 1988: Mick Jagger calls Bill Wyman and asks if he is interested in touring again.

    January 20, 1988: Mick Jagger inducts The Beatles at the 3rd annual Rock & Roll Hall of Fame Awards at the
        Waldorf Astoria in New York City. At the end of the evening, he jams onstage with Bruce Springsteen, George
        Harrison, Bob Dylan, Elton John, Jeff Beck, Neil Young and others, performing Satisfaction among other songs.
        Meanwhile Keith Richards returns to New York City from Antigua.

    January 21, 1988: Keith Richards watches Billy Preston perform at The Bottom Line in New York City.

    January 22, 1988: Keith Richards resumes mixing for Talk Is Cheap in New York, with Tom Waits attending. Also in
        New York, Mick Jagger catches Dr. John at the Lone Star.

    January 26, 1988: Mick Jagger joins guitarist Joe Satriani onstage at The Bottom Line in New York City, performing
        Jimi Hendrix's Red House. He hires Satriani to join his solo band.

    January 30-31, 1988: Mick Jagger visits Jerry Hall's family in Mesquite, Texas.

    Early February-February 27, 1988: Mick Jagger and his solo band, including Joe Satriani, hold tour rehearsals at
        S.I.R. Studios in New York City.

    Early February 1988: Charlie Watts performs a concert with Rocket 88 in London, England.

    February 5-7, 1988: Keith Richards is in Memphis, recording horns with Al Green producer Willie Mitchell for the
        song Make No Mistake.

    February 7-8, 1988: Keith Richards flies from Memphis to Miami, then returns to Antigua.

    February 9, 1988: Jerry Call calls Mick Jagger live on American television on the set of Late Night with David

    February 14, 1988: Ron Wood joins the band Tottas Bluesband onstage in Gothenburg, Sweden.

    Mid-to-late February 1988: Charlie Watts safaries in Kenya.

    February 19, 1988: Ron Wood is back at Woody's On The Beach in Miami, guesting with Johnny Copeland onstage.

    February 20, 1988: Bill Wyman organizes a charity concert at the Royal Albert Hall in London, England, which he
        headlines, with Ron Wood, Phil Collins, Kenney Jones and Terence Trent D'Arby joining in.

    February 24, 1988: Keith Richards returns to New York City and resumes work on Talk Is Cheap.

    February 28-March 5, 1988: Mick Jagger and band continue rehearsing at Silvercup Studio in Queens, New York.

    February 29, 1988: Ron Wood leaves England for Japan.

March 1988: Charlie Watts calls Bill Wyman and enquires as to the likelihood of the Stones touring.

    March 1, 1988: Ron Wood holds a press conference in Tokyo, Japan, for The Gunslingers' tour of Japan with Bo

    March 2-4, 1988: Ron Wood & Bo Diddley open their Japanese tour with concerts in Tokyo and Sapporo.

    March 3, 1988: Bono visits Keith Richards at his mixing sessions for Talk Is Cheap in New York City.

    March 6, 1988: Mick Jagger flies from New York City to Japan.

    March 6-8, 1988: Ron Wood & Bo Diddley perform more concerts in Tokyo.

    March 8, 1988: Mick Jagger holds a press conference in Tokyo, Japan, to present his upcoming tour. In New York
        City, Keith Richards and Steve Jordan watch Kodo perform, drummers from Japan.

    March 10-11, 1988: The Gunslingers perform in Nagoya and Osaka.

    March 10-17, 1988: Keith Richards and Steve Jordan hold recording sessions in Bermuda, to primarily rework
        the vocals.

Waddy Wachtel (1997): Keith's art

They'd sounded like Stones songs when I left and when I came back there were melodies on there that the Stones could never have done. That's where the liberation came in for Keith. I looked at Steve and said, Did you do this? And he goes, Not me, man, I didn't make one change. Keith wanted it to be anti-formula, anti-commercial. He wanted it to be Art


    March 11-12, 1988: Ron Wood hangs out with Mick Jagger in Osaka.

    March 12-14, 1988: Mick Jagger and band hold final rehearsals in Osaka, Japan.

    March 13-15, 1988: Ron Wood and Bo Diddley end their tour of Japan with more concerts in Tokyo.

    March 15-18, 1988: Mick Jagger opens his first ever solo tour, his first ever performances in Japan and his first full
        concerts since 1982, with three shows at Osaka's Castle Hall in Osaka, Japan. The concert material is mostly
        made up of Rolling Stones songs, including songs not performed for a long time, including Bitch, Gimmie Shelter,
        Ruby Tuesday and Sympathy for the Devil. The Jimi Hendrix song Foxy Lady is also performed. The shows also
        feature background singers for the first time in Mick Jagger/Rolling Stones concerts, including Bernard Fowler
        and Lisa Fischer. Tina Turner make a guest star appearance on the 16th.

Keith Richards (August 1988): Mick in Japan

I thought it was very sad that a high percentage of his show was Rolling Stones songs. If you're going to do something on your own, do stuff off the two albums you did. Don't pretend you're a solo artist and have two chicks prancing around doing Tumbling Dice, do you know what I mean? That severely pisses me off.


    March 16, 1988: Ron Wood and Bo Diddley leave Japan for the United States.

    March 17, 1988: Keith Richards is back in New York City and celebrates his wife's birthday.

    Mid-March-early April 1988: Keith Richards does more work in New York on Talk Is Cheap.

    March 18, 1988: Ron Wood and Bo Diddley start a tour of the U.S. West Coast with a concert in Los Angeles.

    March 19, 1988: Mick Jagger's fourth scheduled concert in Osaka is postponed because of illness.

    March 22, 1988: The Gunslingers perform in Pheonix, Arizona.

    March 22-23, 1988: Mick Jagger performs two concerts in Tokyo Dome.

    March 25-26, 1988: Mick Jagger performs two shows in Nagoya, Japan. Ron Wood and Bo Diddley end their U.S. tour
        with concerts in San Franciso and Los Angeles. John Lee Hooker joins in on the San Francisco show.

    March 27, 1988: Mick Jagger joins Tina Turner onstage in Osaka, Japan.

    March 28, 1988: Mick Jagger concludes his solo tour of Japan with the postponed concert at Osaka's Castle Hall.

    March 30-31, 1988: Ron Wood and Buddy Guy perform together at Woody's On The Beach in Miami, Florida.

Ron Wood (1988): Playing with Buddy

I played with Buddy Guy recently, and I went in and said I know it's a stupid question, Buddy, but are we going to rehearse at all? He said Hey Ronnie, we both love Muddy, don't we? And I said Yes, so he said Well, what do you want to rehearse for? I said, Yeah, I knew it was a stupid question! Just before we went on, I said I tell you what, I'll be Elmore James and you be Buddy Guy, and he said, All right then, so I basically played the whole show on slide.


    April 6-7, 1988: Ron Wood performs solo sets at Woody's On The Beach.

    April 9, 1988: Keith Richards catches the play Burn This at the Plymouth Theatre in New York City.

    April 11, 1988: Ron Wood returns home to Wimbledon, England.

    April 11-28, 1988: Keith Richards holds the last recording sessions for Talk Is Cheap at Air Studios in Montserrat in
        the Virgin Islands.

    April 18-25, 1988: Two years after the suit is filed, Mick Jagger attends court proceedings in New York for allegedly
        plagiarizing the song Just Another Night. He testifies and plays demo tapes of his recordings of the song.

    April 26, 1988: The jury dismisses finds Mick Jagger not guilty of plagiarism.

    April 27, 1988: Ron Wood starts a tour of Scandinavia in Malmo, Sweden, with the band Tottas Bluesband.

    Late April 1988: Mick Jagger returns to England.

    April 28-30, 1988: Ron Wood and Tottas Bluesband perform in Gothenburg, Jonkopping and Salen in Sweden.

    May 1988: Keith Richards and Steve Jordan mix the album Talk Is Cheap at The Hit Factory and Atlantic Studios in
        New York City.

    May 2-6, 1988: Ron Wood and Tottas Bluesband perform more concerts in Sweden, in Norköping, Örebrö, Stockholm
        and Uppsala.

    May 8-10, 1988: Ron Wood and Tottas Bluesband perform in Trondheim and Oslo in Norway.

    May 11, 1988: Ron Wood ends his Scandinavian tour with another concert in Stockholm, Sweden.

May 18, 1988: The Rolling Stones gather for the first time in exactly two years, holding a meeting at the
    Savoy Hotel in London, England, to discuss their future. Mick Jagger proposes they tour, and Keith
    Richards gets angry because he is in the midst of his own solo work. They agree in principle to work
    again together in the near future.

Keith Richards (1988): The meeting

Mick suddenly called up, and the rest of the them: Let's put the Stones back together. I'm thinking, JUST as I'm in the middle of an album. Now what are you trying to do , screw me up? Just NOW you want to talk about putting it back together? But we talked about it. I went to London, and we had a meeting. I think you'll find a new album and a tour next year from the Stones.


    June 1988: The Ron Wood & Bo Diddley album Live At The Ritz is released.

    June-August 1988: Keith Richards is in New York City, preparing for the release of Talk Is Cheap.

    June 1, 1988: Bill Wyman attends Ron Wood's birthday party in London, England.

    June 13, 1988: Keith and Patti Richards attend a reception at a club in New York for a model's book on AIDS.

    June 21-22, 1988: Ron Wood and Bo Diddley perform at Woody's On The Beach in Miami, Florida.

    June 28, 1988: Ron Wood and Bo Diddley open a European tour at London, England's Hammersmith Odeon.

    June 30-July 2, 1988: The Gunslingers continue their European tour with Italian concerts in Milan, Pistoia and Rome.

    July 8-10, 1988: Ron Wood and Bo Diddley perform in Wiesen, Austria; Nuremberg, West Germany; and Frauenfeld,

    July 11, 1988: Mick Jagger shoots a promotional film clip for the song Primitive Cool in London, England, and starts
        rehearsals for his fall Australian tour.

    July 15-16, 1988: Ron Wood and Bo Diddley conclude their European tour with concerts in Madris, Spain, and
        Giessen, West Germany.

Ron Wood (1988): On the road

(I don't) really (get tired), because when you know you've got to go onstage, everything is geared to that. With Bo it was great - we actually did a couple of shows in Europe, at midday actually onstage at 12. Disorientating, but it worked. You'd get there going Arrgh, but get onstage and bang: Ah, I feel quite good actually. When you get in front of an audience it does the whole trick.


    July 26, 1988: Back in New York City, on his 45th birthday Mick Jagger watches Jerry Hall make her debut in the play
   Bustop at a theater in New Jersey.

    August 1, 1988: Ron Wood jams with Prince at a private party in London, England.

Keith Richards (August 1988): Woody's the man

Ronnie's a great mixture of talent and bullshit. He's the person I communicate most with in the Stones. He called me about getting up with the Midget, Prince, the other night. He fucked up the ending of Miss You. Yeah, that's Ron. But he's a great family man and I admire that. I do love Ronald.


    Early August 1988: Mick Jagger returns to Europe from New York City.

    August 12, 1988: Keith Richards watches INXS perform at Madison Square Garden in New York City.

Keith Richards (August 1988): Getting offered drugs

Sure. It happens all the time. (Adopts New York hustler voice) Here man, you gotta try this shit. It's real good... Even in London. They think it's going to impress you. But I never take it. Come on, I'm a connoisseur! That's why I'm still alive. I wouldn't take stuff off the street. Are you kidding me? It's rubbish. It's been stomped on a million times, it's got strychnine in it. No way. I'll sometimes take it off them just to be polite but I throw it as soon as they've gone.

And Ecstasy. Anything with a name like that I wouldn't touch! I never went in for those fancy-named drugs. They were invariably useless. I went for the basics. I had my smoke, my dope because I needed it at the time, and cocaine. Those where the three that I knew... The terrible thing about drugs is people get hung up on them. The drugs themselves are benign. It's the dealers now, the guys that hang around outside the shcool gates waiting to turn on a little kid. That to me is despicable. I'd shoot the motherfucker if I caught him. That disgusts me. It's unforgivable... I've never recommended drugs or turned anyone on to drugs prsonally. Even way back, if I had some good dope, I kept it all to myself. I'm selfish, man!


Mid-August 1988: Charlie Watts and Ron Wood join Mick Jagger at his castle in France's Loire Valley to
    work on demos for the Rolling Stones.

August 19, 1988: Mick Jagger visits Ron Wood in London, England, to continue work on demos.

Ron Wood (September1988): The Stones back on track

Mick came over with about twelve new songs the other day and I must admit it's sounding much more healthy now, more like the Let It Bleed and Sticky Fingers time. Much more rock, Rip This Joint-type of stuff, which is great, 'cause I was a bit worried that he'd gone off at a tangent. But he's really still there, still with Muddy and Howlin' Wolf, Slim Harpo and all that. I've got 20 or 30 songs, and at least ten of them are geared towards the Stones. I know Keith's been writing, apart from his own album, and he's got lots of other songs. We're just dying to weld them all together somehow... (W)e have tentative starting dates for the studio early next year.


    Late August-early September 1988: Ron Wood holidays in Antigua.

    August 22, 1988: Mick Jagger leaves London for New York City.

August 23, 1988: Mick Jagger and Keith Richards meet and talk at manager Jane Rose's office in New
    York City. Keith Richards plays Mick Jagger his solo album.

Keith Richards (September 1988): Mick listens to Talk Is Cheap

I played him the album, but he talked all the way through it. The only time I got any insight from him was when I went to take a pee. I come out of the john and he's dancing around the room. For a minute I watch him, and he's just enjoying it. So I went back into the john and slammed the door and walked out again, and he's just sitting on the couch. But that's Mick. I know the bloke. I guess I saw him liking it when he didn't know I was looking. So that's cool.

Keith Richards (September 1988): A little yelling

Well, I yelled at Mick a couple weeks ago, but I was stick at the time and I did apologize to him. Yelling wasn't necessary. But he still makes me mad, his attitude. The Stones spend a lot of time building up integrity, as much as you can get in the music industry. And I got the very definite impression that the way Mick handled (his solo career) really jeopardized all that. But if the Stones get back together, I think that can be rectified, for want of a better word. 

Keith Richards (August 1988): A better Rolling Stone

Well, I've always been (a Rolling Stone), from the start of... if you want to call it my professional career. And I never wanted to be anything else. For the last couple of years I've had to deal with NOT being one. At first it almost broke my heart. What I've learned from not being a Rolling Stone for two years probably will help me be, if the Stones come back together, which they will, will help me be... what can I say - a better Rolling Stone? (laughs) Or make the Rolling Stones better. I have a little more confidence in myself, by myself. I found that I can, if I have to, live without the Rolling Stones. And that my only job isn't desperately trying to keep a band together that maybe needed a break.

Keith Richards (August 1988): Bill and Charlie, get working!

Charlie wants to work. He hasn't played for a year. I'm trying to get the boys to practice if they're serious about next year. Maybe I could use this to transmit the message once again about how important it is that, BILL AND CHARLIE START PLAYING NOW! Because it'll be so much easier next year if they start practicing now. They've heard this speech before, and they'll hear it again. I've got Ronnie working them, if he can just pull the moral weight to get them together and start juicing them up.


    August 24, 1988: Mick Jagger leaves New York City for San Francisco.

    August 25-September 8, 1988: Mick Jagger resumes solo tour rehearsals at Skywalker Ranch in San Francisco,

    August 29, 1988: Keith Richards leaves New York City for Los Angeles.

    August 31, 1988: Keith Richards shoots a videoclip for Take It So Hard in Los Angeles, California.

    Early September 1988: Bill Wyman holds recording sessions in London, England, for an unreleased solo album.

    September 7-9, 1988: Keith Richards returns to New York City, where he attends the U.S. Tennis Open and hangs
        out with winner Mats Wilander.

    September 9, 1988: Mick Jagger leaves San Francisco for Australia.

    September 13, 1988: Mick Jagger holds a press conference in Sydney, Australia, to announce his solo tour. Keith
        Richards holds a listening party for Talk Is Cheap at the Acme Bar & Grill in New York City. Iggy Pop drops in.

    September 13-16, 1988: Mick Jagger and band hold more rehearsals in Sydney, Australia.

    September 15, 1988: Keith Richards holds another listening party for Talk Is Cheap at The Whiskey in Los Angeles,
        with Tom Waits, Bon Jovi and Larry Mullen and Adam Clayton of U2 dropping by.

Keith Richards (September 1988): Reconciliation on the horizon

I was trying to keep the band together, but now maybe I do feel that this breathing space is a good thing for the Stones. A little ventilation... (M)aybe the Stones needed a little fresh air. I still have lots of reservations about Mick, but I think that 's something natural we all go through as people. Eventually we'll work it out and I have no doubt we can work together.

I've known him for 40 years and our fights are on many different levels, not just about who runs the Stones blah, blah, blah. It's more to do with knowing somebody for so long, and you get to a point where you think a mate of yours is screwing up and you try to tell him because that's what friends are for. 'Cause everybody else has said, Yes, Mick, yes, Mick so many times. It's the LV (lead vocalist) syndrome. It goes with the job. You think you're semi-devine out there, semi-divine when you come offstage, and in the limousine, and on the plane. Eventually, you think you're semi-divine, period. So that's one of the things we have to get through.

Having the Stones work again next year will probably solve the problems between Mick and myself. Mick has always perceived this thing as a power struggle between us, but it's not like that. Yet it's very hard to convince somebody there isn't a power struggle if they perceive there is one. It only takes one person to perceive something as a power struggle, and then it is one, and people are forced to take sides. It's not a good feeling. So I'm hoping that these two years have cleared the air and that nobody has to worry about that anymore.


    September 17, 1988: Mick Jagger and band, including again Joe Satriani and Bernard Fowler, perform a surprise,
        warm-up concert at the Kardomah Café in Sydney, Australia.

    September 18-27, 1988: Keith Richards travels through Europe, including England, France and West Germany, to
        promote Talk Is Cheap.

    September 20, 1988: Mick Jagger and band rehearse in Brisbane, Australia.

    September 22-23, 1988: Mick Jagger officially kicks off his Australasian tour, his first performing visit to the country
        in 15 years, with two concerts at Brisbane's Boondal Entertainment Center. The concerts again predominantly
        feature Rolling Stones songs, including Can't You Hear Me Knocking? and Dirty Work's Harlem Shuffle and One
        Hit (to the Body), as well Ned Kelly's The Wild Colonial Boy and a new song, What Kind of World Is This?.

Mick Jagger (September 1988): Resuming a performing career

When you leave something alone for such a long time, you get out of touch with yourself as a singer and performer. So I decided to see what I could do, and it's worked out quite well. It was pretty hairy in Japan for a moment.

I don't really want to talk about Keith's problems. I'm afraid life isn't quite (as) simple (as me breaking up the Stones). I wanted to take the Stones on the road this year. Keith was too busy, and we talked about doing it next year. That's sort of up in the air for the moment. If the Stones go on stuttering and not really starting, then obviously I'll have to (continue by myself)... Now that I've got the taste of playing onstage again, I'll carry on doing it. If the Stones start up again and everything is a great, fun, pleasurable success, then I won't do so much of it. Who knows?

Keith Richards (1988): Mick in Australia

Great. Go to Australia in their midwinter. Go on. I've got other things to do. Go there. Go there with your jerk-off band. He knows how I feel about it. Whether he'll ever admit it to himself, I don't know. I mean, I'll be totally honest: I LOVE Mick. Most of my efforts with Mick go to trying to open his eyes: You don't need to do this. You have no problem. All you've got to do is just grow up with it. And that's what he should be doing... And I don't him reading this shit, because this is part of, as far as I'm concerned, my attempt to help him along.


    September 23, 1988: Ron Wood guests onstage with Toots & the Maytals at Woody's On The Beach in Miami.

    September 26-October 2, 1988: Mick Jagger performs five concerts at the Entertainment Center in Sydney, Australia.

    September 28, 1988: Keith Richards returns to New York City.

    September 29, 1988: Ron Wood attends a party in London for the British publication of his book The Works.

    October 3, 1988: Keith Richards' first solo album, Talk Is Cheap, is released.

    October 4, 1988: In New York City, Keith Richards and Tom Hanks tape a promotional segment for the upcoming
        episode of Saturday Night Live.

    October 5-7, 1988: Keith Richards and the X-Pensive Winos rehearse at American Sound Studio in New York City.

    October 6-7, 1988: Mick Jagger performs two concerts at Melbourne, Australia's International Tennis Center.

    October 8, 1988: Keith Richards performs live on U.S. TV's Saturday Night Live, ten years to the month after the
        Rolling Stones' appearance.

    October 10-11, 1988: Mick Jagger performs two concerts at Perth, Australia's Burswood Superdome.

    October 14-17, 1988: Mick Jagger performs three more shows at Melbourne's International Tennis Center.

    October 16, 1988: Keith Richards joins U2 onstage at London, England's Dominion Theatre for a Jamaica benefit

    October 17, 1988: Keith Richards starts a new round of European promotion for Talk Is Cheap, giving a press
        conference in Madrid, Spain.

    October 19, 1988: Mick Jagger performs a small-scale, impromptu concert at Melbourne's Richmond Corner Hotel.
        Keith Richards gives a press conference in Rome, Italy.

    October 21, 1988: Mick Jagger performs another concert at Sydney's Entertainment Center.

    October 22, 1988: Keith Richards holds a press conference in Oslo, Norway.

    October 23, 1988: Mick Jagger performs the last Australian concert of his solo tour at Adelaide's Thebarton Oval.

    October 24, 1988: Keith Richards returns to New York City.

    October 28, 1988: Keith Richards announces his upcoming U.S. tour on the radio in New York City.

    October 30, 1988: Mick Jagger performs in Indonesia for the first time in his career, at Jakarta's Stadion Utama

    November 2, 1988: Ron Wood performs a solo set at Woody's On The Beach in Miami, Florida.

    November 3, 1988: Keith Richards, along with Don Covay, attends a party in New York City for the tenth anniversary
        of Bill German's Rolling Stones fanzine Beggars Banquet. In Miami, Ron Wood guests with Ray Charles at
        Woody's On The Beach.

    November 3-9, 1988: Keith Richards and the X-Pensive Winos start tour rehearsals in New York City.

    November 4, 1988: Keith Richards and family attend the circus in New York.

    November 5, 1988: Mick Jagger ends his Australasian solo tour with a concert in Auckland, New Zealand.

    November 6, 1988: Mick Jagger returns to England.

    November 8-10, 1988: Ron Wood guests at shows by Jerry Lee Lewis and Willie Dixon at Woody's On The Beach
        in Miami.

    November 10-18, 1988: Keith Richards holidays in Antigua.

    November 19-23, 1988: Keith Richards and the X-Pensive Winos continue tour rehearsals in Atlanta, Georgia.

    November 24, 1988: Keith Richards opens his U.S. tour at Atlanta's Fox Theater, his first ever full solo concert and
        his first complete, paying show in over six years. Bobby Keys is part of the X-Pensive Winos onstage.

Keith Richards (December 1988): The first show

I was unnaturally calm at the first gig, in Atlanta. Usually I get excited, nerves don't really come into it but I get an Open the cage, let me out, let me at them feeling. But for the first gig I must have numbed myself in some way, because I had this unnatural clarity of what was going on and wasn't actually feeling anything at all until I got into the show. It was after the first show that I realized, Yeah, I can handle this.


    November 25-29, 1988: Keith Richards and the X-Pensive Winos perform concerts in Memphis, Washington D.C. and
        New York City.

    November 30, 1988: Keith Richards signs autographs at Tower Records in New York City.

    December 1-5, 1988: Keith Richards performs two concerts each at Philadelphia's Tower Theater and Boston's
        Orpheum Theater.

    December 7-10, 1988: Keith Richards and the X-Pensive Winos perform in Cleveland, Detroit and Chicago.

Darryl Jones (1994): Getting to know Keith

My story, personally, is I met Keith in 1987 when he was working on the Talk Is Cheap record. Some friends of mine, Charley Drayton and Steve Jordan, were working with him, and they introduced me to him in New York. When they toured on the record, I saw the show a few times. After their gig in Chicago, I went back to the hotel with those guys, and Keith called us and invited us down to sit around and talk. It ended up with Keith giving us an alternate guitar tuning lesson. It was the 5-string open G, but he did A LOT of other stuff. There's more, believe me! I liked him, and I really liked that record a lot. It started to pique my interest to play rock & roll.


    December 13-14, 1988: Keith Richards performs concerts in Oakland and Los Angeles.

    December 15, 1988: Keith Richards and the X-Pensive Winos perform a recorded and filmed concert at the
        Hollywood Palladium in Los Angeles.

    December 17, 1988: Keith Richards ends his first solo tour at Brendan Byrne Arena in East Rutherford, New Jersey.

    December 19, 1988: The day following his 45th birthday, Keith and Patti Richards host a birthday-wedding
        anniversary-tour end party at their house in New York City.

Keith Richards (December 1988): The solo tour

It was absolutely great. At the moment I'm just realizing that it's finished - the body keeps going, Where's the gig? Nine o'clock and my body wants to go onstage and there's no stage to go to anymore. You get a post tour depression. It always sets in. The tour was fantastic, the crowds amazing. For me the whole thing was an experiment, which is why I decided, except for Meadowlands, to do small theatre and stuff where I didn't have to think about the sound and I could figure out where I could carry this thing off or not as a front man. And that worked. I'm very happy.

If I had the time, I'd love to take this band everywhere and in due course, hopefully I can. There's no possible way I could have done a world tour at this time given the fact that the Stones are going to be working next year. If I had the time I would have loved to have done that and the band were ready to go.

The ideal for me would be to (continue working with both bands). The Stones don't work enough for my liking. To get the best work out of myself I have to work more often than the Stones can possibly work. The machinery is so big in the Stones organization you tour maybe once every two years. The Stones now haven't been on the road for six years, it will be seven if they get on the road next year - which is a long time. And for a musician that's not a good thing. A musician needs fairly regular constant work, practice, to keep your chops together so that it flows out of you naturally. The Stones, when we record or go on tour, I have to knock the rust off the machinery for a couple of months first, and it's a hard grind to get them into top gear.

Keith Richards (December 1988): Missing the Stones

Of course I miss them. I've known Mick for nearly 40 years. Ronnie's a newcomer and he's been with us a mere 15 years or is it 13 years? And the other guys have been together 25 years. You're bound to miss people. I miss them all, they're all great friends of mine.


    December 25, 1988: Keith Richards and family spend the holidays in Connecticut, Mick Jagger in Mustique, and Ron
        Wood, Bill Wyman and Charlie Watts in England.

    Late December 1988: Charlie Watts vacations in Italy.

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