Head back to the jungle

    January 1990: Keith Richards spends the month in Antigua.

    January 5, 1990: Ron Wood leaves his London home for a holiday in Ireland.

    January 18, 1990: Jerry Hall announces again to the press that she and Mick Jagger will marry.

February 1990: The Rolling Stones' documentary, 25 X 5: The Continuing Adventures of the Rolling
    Stones, is released on video.

    February 4, 1990: Keith Richards and Ron Wood leave London for Japan. Bill Wyman stays behind because of his
        father's illness.

    February 5, 1990: Mick Jagger and Charlie Watts fly from New York to Japan.

Ron Wood (2003): Equal on the payroll after 15 years

Before we went to Japan, on the Steel Wheels tour, my pals Charlie and Bill stood up for me. They said, Are you earning as much as we are? and I said, No. So they said, Unless you earn as much as us, we're not going to carry on. They brought this up at a meeting and I thought, Thank you very much! Bill and Charlie were very supportive. They made a stand for me without me having to beg and say, I'm being unfairly treated. They said, Ronnie's slaved away as hard as we have and he's not getting as much as us. And the rest of the band said, Right, OK, we'll finally end your apprenticeship, you're finally part of the band.


February 6-9, 1990: The Rolling Stones, minus Bill Wyman, start tour rehearsals at the Mza nightclub in
    Tokyo, Japan.

February 9, 1990: The Rolling Stones, minus Bill Wyman, hold a press conference at Korakuen Hall in
    Tokyo to announce the 1990 Steel Wheels Japan Tour.

February 10-11, 1990: The Rolling Stones, still without Bill Wyman, hold more rehearsals.

    February 11, 1990: Bill Wyman arrives in Japan. The other four Rolling Stones witness a Mike Tyson boxing match
        in Tokyo.

February 12-13, 1990: Bill Wyman joins the Rolling Stones for the final tour rehearsals.

February 14, 1990: The Rolling Stones perform the first of ten concerts at Tokyo Dome in Japan, their
    first ever performances in that country.

    February 15, 1990: Bill Wyman and Ron Wood promote books at a Tokyo bookstore.

February 16-21, 1990: The Rolling Stones perform five more concerts at Tokyo Dome.

    February 21, 1990: Keith Richards joins his wife Patti in a Tokyo hospital following her mother's heart atttack.

    February 22, 1990: Mick Jagger, Keith Richards and Ron Wood bring their children to the Korakuen Amusent Park.

February 23-24, 1990: The Rolling Stones perform another two shows at Tokyo Dome.

    February 26, 1990: Bill Wyman learns his father has died back in England.

February 26-27, 1990: The Rolling Stones end their first ever tour of Japan by performing their two last
    concerts at Tokyo Dome.

    February 28, 1990: Bill Wyman leaves Japan for England.

    Early March 1990: Charlie Watts and Mick Jagger return to England, and Ron Wood returns to his new home in
        Ireland. Keith Richards visits Paul McCartney in Tokyo, then flies to Antigua for the month.

    March 3, 1990: Bill Wyman attends his father's funeral in England.

    Mid-March 1990: Mick Jagger spends some time in Paris, France.

    March 18-21, 1990: Keith Richards returns to New York City to celebrate his daughter Theodora and wife Patti's
        birthdays and visit his mother-in-law at the hospital. He is also interviewed on New York radio for a
        rainforest-saving broadcast.

March 22, 1990: Mick Jagger holds a press conference at the Tabernacle Club in London, England, to
    announce the Rolling Stones' 1990 Urban Jungle Tour of Europe.

    March 22, 1990: Keith Richards flies back to Antigua from New York City.

    April 1990: Keith Richards spends most of the month in Antigua, while Mick Jagger stays in London and Paris.

    April 26, 1990: Keith Richards returns to New York for a few days.

    April 28, 1990: Keith Richards leaves New York for Paris, France.

April 30-May 11, 1990: The Rolling Stones start tour rehearsals for their European tour at the Château
    du Dangu near Paris, France.

    May 12, 1990: The band members start arriving in Rotterdam, Netherlands.

May 15-18, 1990: The Rolling Stones finish their European tour rehearsals at Feyenoord Stadium in
    Rotterdam, Netherlands.

May 18-21, 1990: The Rolling Stones kick off the 1990 Urban Jungle tour, their first tour of Europe in
    eight years, with three concerts at Feyenoord Stadium in Rotterdam, Netherlands. The tour features
    a different theme and stage from Steel Wheels.

Mick Jagger (2003): Urban jungle

We created another version of (the Steel Wheels staging) for Europe - the Urban Jungle tour - and designed a whole set of fresh visuals featuring lots of dogs. We couldn't use all the steel we had used on the Steel Wheels tour, because we couldn't afford it for Europe - the ticket prices wouldn't support it - and so we had to scale it down somewhat.


    May 20, 1990: Charlie Watts visits a Van Gogh exhibition in Rotterdam.

May 23-31, 1990: The Rolling Stones perform two stadium concerts each in the West German cities of
    Hannover, Frankfurt and Cologne.

    June 1, 1990: Ron Wood and Charlie Watts celebrate their birthdays at their hotel bar in Munich, West Germany.

June 2-3, 1990: The Rolling Stones perform two concerts at Munich's Olympic Stadium.

June 6, 1990: The Rolling Stones perform a stadium concert in West Berlin.

June 10, 1990: The Rolling Stones perform their first ever concert in Portugal, at Lisbon's Avalade

June 13-17, 1990: The Rolling Stones perform two stadium concerts each in Barcelona and Madrid,

    June 15, 1990: Keith Richards and Charlie Watts record a Charlie Mingus jazz piece in Madrid for a tribute album.

June 20-25, 1990: The Rolling Stones swing through France, performing at the Velodrome in Marseilles,
    followed by three concerts at Paris' Parc des Princes.

June 27, 1990: The Rolling Stones perform at St. Jakob Stadium in Basel, Switzerland.

    June 28-July 3, 1990: The group spends a week on holiday. Keith Richards stays in England, Ron Wood in Ireland
        and Mick Jagger, Charlie Watts and Bill Wyman in France.

    July 3, 1990: The band all arrive in London.

July 4-7, 1990: The Rolling Stones perform three concerts at Wembley Stadium in London, England.

July 9, 1990: The Rolling Stones perform at Hampden Park in Glasgow, Scotland.

July 10, 1990: Keith Richards is treated at a London hospital for a seriously infected finger and the
    Rolling Stones postone their next three concerts: one in Cardiff, Wales, and two more at Wembley
    Stadium. This is the first time in their history that the group has to postpone or cancel concerts
    because of illness.

    July 14, 1990: The Rolling Stones, minus Keith Richards, host a party at The Serpentine Gallery in London, England,
        with Jeff Beck and Elton John among the guests.

July 16, 1990: The Rolling Stones resume the Urban Jungle tour with the rescheduled concert at
    Cardiff's Arms Park, their first in Wales since 1966.

    July 17, 1990: Back in London, Bill Wyman visits his sick wife Mandy Smith in the hospital for her 20th birthday.

July 18-21, 1990: The Rolling Stones perform in north England, with a show at St. James Park in
    Newcastle and two concerts at Maine Road Stadium in Manchester.

July 25-26, 1990: Mick celebrates his 47th birthday onstage in Rome, Italy, as the Rolling Stones
    perform two concerts in Stadio Flamino.

July 28, 1990: The Rolling Stones continue through Italy with a concert at Turin's Stadio Delle Alpi,
    which is filmed in IMAX format for a projected concert movie.

July 29, 1990: The Rolling Stones film scenes without a crowd at Stadio Delle Alpi for the concert movie.

July 31, 1990: The Rolling Stones perform at Vienna's Prater Stadion.

August 3-9, 1990: The Rolling Stones swing through Scandinavia, performing stadium concerts twice
    each in Gothenburg (Sweden) and Oslo (Norway), then once in Copenhagen (Denmark).

August 13-14, 1990: The Rolling Stones performing for the first time of their career in East Germany,
    playing two shows in East Berlin's Radrennbahn Weissensee, the second of which is filmed again for
    the IMAX movie.

August 16, 1990: The Rolling Stones perform for the first time in Gelsenkirchen, West Germany.

August 18, 1990: The Rolling Stones visit with Vaclav Havel, President of Czechoslovakia, in Prague.
    They then perform for the first time ever in the country, at the city's Strahov Stadium to more than
    100 000 people. Posters in the city read Tanks are rolling out, the Stones are rolling in.

August 19, 1990: The Rolling Stones fly back to London, England, resting for a week before the tour's
    final concerts.

Charlie Watts & Ron Wood (2003): Bill's fear of flying

Charlie: (Bill) was extremely paranoid about flying, which I hadn't realised, although he drove everywhere on the Urban Jungle tour that we did in Europe. I thought it was just him going off on one of his own things.

Ron: Bill had been heading that way for years, and the more planes we got on the worse it got. In the end he'd taken too many plane flights. In fact the last flight he took with us, he said, Hey, look out here. I looked out of the window and he said, See that stuff coming off the wing? I said, Yeah, that's condensation, but Bill said, No it's not. That's fuel. It's leaking.


August 24-25, 1990: The Rolling Stones end their 1989-90 world tour, the biggest of their career and
    largest-grossing in rock history at this point, with the two additional, rescheduled concerts at
    London's Wembley Stadium. The concerts are again filmed for the IMAX movie and are Bill Wyman's
    last ever public performances with the group.

    August 27, 1990: Mick Jagger sees Bernard Fowler perform with his band Tackhead in Reading, England, near

    September 1990: Mick Jagger spends some time in France. Charlie and Shirley Watts holiday in Poland.

    Mid-September 1990: Keith Richards returns to New York from London.

    September 19, 1990: Keith Richards leaves New York for a lengthy stay in Jamaica.

    Early October 1990: Mick Jagger and Jerry Hall leave for southcentral and eastern Asia for six weeks, visiting India,
        Nepal, Tibet, Bhutan and Indonesia.

    October 24, 1990: On his 54th birthday, Bill Wyman hosts a book launch for Stone Alone, at his club Sticky Fingers
        in London, England, the first volume of his long-promised biography of the Rolling Stones, covering the 1960s
        and candidly critical of the group on a personal level. Full follow-up volumes are never written/published.

November-December 1990: The Rolling Stones individually drop by Olympic Studios in London, England,
    for the mixing and overdubbing of the live album Flashpoint.

    November 12, 1990: Ron Wood undergoes a serious car accident near London, England, sustaining fractures on both
        of his legs.

    November 21, 1990: Mick Jagger and Jerry Hall finally marry, holding a wedding ceremony in Bali, Indonesia.

    November 22, 1990: Bill Wyman announces he will divorce his wife Mandy Smith, after a year-and-a-half-long

    Late November 1990: Mick Jagger arrives in Los Angeles for two weeks.

    December 2, 1990: Keith Richards arrives in London, England, from Jamaica. He attends the mixing sessions for
       Flashpoint and visits with Ron Wood.

    December 7, 1990: Keith Richards returns to Jamaica.

    December 14, 1990: Keith Richards leaves Jamaica for New York.

    December 19, 1990: Bernard Fowler and the other Steel Wheels tour vocalists are among the guests for Keith
        Richards' birthday and wedding anniversary party in New York City.

    December 20, 1990: Ron Wood and family leave England for a holiday in Ireland.

    Late December 1990: Mick Jagger spends the holidays with his family on the island of Mustique.

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