Wanderlust and love disease

    January-February 1992: Ron Wood continues recording his next solo album at his home studio in Ireland.

    January 1992: Keith Richards rehearses for his second solo album in New York. The Charlie Watts Quintet records
        two Sidney Bechet tracks in London, England, for a tribute album.

Keith Richards (1992): Starting a new album

With Steve (Jordan), he's around the corner. I'm at this place, or he's at my place. It's a very close thing - I've got an idea, boom, we can start on it right away. We sit around in a room with a couple of guitars and a drum kit or piano and a tape recorder and start talking about stuff - Do you remember that great song Otis played? - and wait to see where it drifts.


    January 12, 1992: Jerry Hall gives birth to her and Mick Jagger's third child together, their daughter Georgia, in
        London, England.

    January 14, 1992: Mick Jagger flies in to Los Angeles from London, England.

    January 15, 1992: Keith Richards inducts Leo Fender at the 7th annual Rock & Roll Hall of Fame ceremonies at the
        Waldorf Astoria Hotel in New York City, and joins the onstage jam afterwards with Johnny Cash, Neil Young, John
        Fogerty, Jeff Beck, Jimmy Page and others.

    January 16, 1992: Mick Jagger attends the Los Angeles premiere of the film Freejack at Mann's Chinese Theatre.

    January 17, 1992: Mick Jagger resumes recording sessions for his next solo album at Los Angeles' S.I.R. Studios.

    February 8, 1992: Keith Richards leaves New York for Antigua with his father Bert.

    February 12, 1992: Mick Jagger holds a press conference at the Royal Festival Hall in London, England, to
        announce National Music Day, to be held on June 28.

    February 16, 1992: Mick Jagger flies from England to Tokyo, Japan, where he is held at customs because of his
        1969 drug conviction.

    February 18, 1992: Just released from Japanese authorities, Mick Jagger holds a press conference in Tokyo for the
        movie Freejack.

    February 19, 1992: Mick Jagger attends a party with Guns 'N Roses at a Tokyo club.

    February 20, 1992: Mick Jagger leaves Japan for Thailand. He trysts with the model Carla Bruni.

    February 22, 1992: Keith Richards returns to New York from Antigua.

    February 23, 1992: Mick Jagger returns to Los Angeles from Thailand, where he resumes recording sessions at
        Capitol Studios.

    February 29, 1992: Mick Jagger and guitarist Jimmy Rip watch the band Lixx Array perform at The Whiskey in Los

    March 1992: Mick Jagger spends most of the month working on his solo album in Los Angeles.

Mick Jagger (December 1992): New solo album, different times

I (also) did the first solo album (when) I already had a deal to do the next Stones album. In fact I was going to do it straight after. What is (different) is that I was much more relaxed about this album. It wasn't being done in an atmosphere of hostility. The rest of the band all made records, didn't they? Charlie made his Charlie Parker record, Keith made his second album and Ronnie made a record. In fact even Bill made a record. (laughs) It never got released in America but he did actually make one!


    March 10, 1992: Ron Wood flies in to Los Angeles.

    March 11-27, 1992: Ron Wood mixes and completes his fifth solo album at A&M Studios in Los Angeles.

    March 13, 1992: Keith Richards celebrates his wife Patti's birthday at the New York club Metropolis.

    March 13 & 23, 1992: Ron Wood watches Ian McLagan perform, and guests onstage with him, in Los Angeles.

    March 18, 1992: Keith Richards arrives in San Rafael, California, where he starts proper recording sessions for his
        solo album with the X-Pensive Winos.

    Late March 1992: Mick Jagger leaves Los Angeles for a prolonged holiday in Mustique.

    March 28, 1992: Ron Wood holds a listening party for his album at A&M Studios, with Phil Spector and Izzy Stradlin
        among the guests.

    March 29, 1992: Ron Wood records  with Izzy Stradlin in Los Angeles.

    March 31, 1992: Ron Wood leaves Los Angeles for lengthy holiday in Antigua.

    April 2, 1992: Keith Richards returns to New York from California, where he soon continues recording his solo album
        for the next several months.

Keith Richards (1992): Keeping working

(T)he time off between (Stones) projects is so destructive. The Stones got far too big for their own good as a band, and I guess that's what happened in the middle '80s. You can't wait around for the juggernaut to wind up, because after you finish a tour or record, there's two years of nothing to do, which for a musician is ridiculous. Then when the Stones do get back together for each new record or tour, we spend virtually six months in maintenance, just getting the rust off... It takes a long time, and so I think the greatest thing now for the Stones is that everybody's working. Charlie's working, Ronnie's working, Mick's working, and I'm working. I know that when we do get together next year that we can just go straight at it. There's none of that feeling - We've got to go through incredible therapy and hard work just to get the band back to where it was two, three years ago.


    Early April 1992: Mick Jagger spends a week in New York before returning to Mustique.

    April 26, 1992: Ron Wood returns to London, England, from Antigua.

    May 4, 1992: Back in England after Mustique, Mick Jagger attends a John Malkovich play in London.

    May 4-15, 1992: The Charlie Watts Quintet tour Brazil and perform eleven concerts.

    Early May 1992: Mick Jagger returns to Los Angeles and resumes recording sessions. He also records blues covers
        with the band The Red Devils.

Mick Jagger (1992): Getting back into the blues

The blues sides were cut with the Red Devils, a band signed to Def American. I used to go see them Monday nights at the King King Club in L.A. and I sung with them a couple of times. We did one whole day of 14 blues sides. Some obscure, some not. We don't know if we're going to put them out. We just did them for fun... (Y)ou go in and out of these things. You think, I know it, I've heard it, it's all in my head. I don't need to put records on. It's different when you're actually playing it or seeing it - that's something else. Listening to blues records sometimes gets to be a bit... But sometimes you go back to it and you say, Wow, this is really great. Especially buying a new collection of something like old spiritual singers that I used to like when I was a teenager that I'd forgotten. God knows they're pretty heavy and dark. You come back to that and it gives you a bit of a chill. If you go in and buy records that you haven't heard in a very long time you can get back into it. Playing and singing it - especially with bands like the Red Devils who are a real blues band, they only play blues - you get a sense of, Wow, I was there. When I was 19 that's what I used to do  - just play this music. That was all I did!


    May 18, 1992: Mick Jagger jams onstage with the Red Devils in a Los Angeles club. Charlie Watts slips and fractures
        his elbow at his home in Devon, England, forcing the cancellation of a German tour.

    May 19, 1992: Bill Wyman celebrates the third anniversary of his restaurant, Sticky Fingers, in London. The Charlie
        Watts Quintet's second album, A Tribute to Charlie Parker With Strings, recorded live in 1991, is released.

    May 21, 1992: Ron Wood catches the film Wayne's World in England.

    May 22, 1992: Mick Jagger attends the Los Angeles wedding of actress Angelica Huston.

    May 23, 1992: Mick Jagger flies back east and attends his daughter Karis' graduation from Yale University.

    May 24, 1992: Mick Jagger and Jerry Hall join Keith and Patti Richards for a barbecue at their Connecticut home.

    Late May 1992: Mick Jagger returns to Los Angeles and continues recording.

    May 28, 1992: Keith Richards catches John Mooney's show at Tramp's in New York.

    June 1, 1992: Eric Clapton and Peter Cook attend Ron Wood's birthday party in Richmond, England.

    June 15, 1992: Mick Jagger leaves Los Angeles for London, England, to prepare the National Music Day event.

    June 22, 1992: Mick Jagger attends a party for Prince in London, England.

    June 24, 1992: Mick Jagger's daughter Georgia is christened in Surrey, England. Charlie Watts attends as godfather.
        Afterwards Mick attends a Prince concert.

    June 28, 1992: As part of England's National Music Day, Mick Jagger performs at the Celebration of the Blues at the
        Hammersmith Odeon in London, as do the Charlie Watts Quintet and Ron Wood with Buddy Guy. Charlie & Ron
        join Mick for I Just Want to Make Love to You.

Mick Jagger (1992): National Music Day

National Music Day is a celebration of music they have in France and other countries and we did one in England. My contribution musically was to do this blues evening, which I did with the Gary Moore Blues Band as house band. We had Pops Staples, who's not really thought of a s a blues performer at all, but going way back he really was... And we had Buddy Guy and Jimmy Rogers who used to play with Muddy Waters, and Otis Rush. And Ronnie Wood, of course, the famous blues guitarist... It was quite a good evening all in all. I did a short set with Gary Moore. We did numbers by Sonny Boy Williamson, Z.Z. Hill, we did Who Do You Love by Bo Diddley. It was a really good evening. I hadn't done anything like that for a while.


    July 2, 1992: Mick Jagger celebrates Jerry Hall's birthday at their home in Richmond, England, which Charlie Watts
        and Ron Wood attend. Mick Jagger also attends the birth of his daughter Jade's first child, his first grandchild.

    July 5-6, 1992: Ron Wood tapes a videoclip for his upcoming album's first single in Dublin, Ireland.

    July 10, 1992: Near this date, Mick Jagger attends a Bruce Springsteen concert in Wembley, England.

    July 12, 1992: On the 30th anniversary of the Rolling Stones' first ever public performance, the Charlie Watts Quintet
        opens its U.S. tour with a concert in Philadelphia.

    July 14-19, 1992: The Charlie Watts Quintet perform concerts at The Blue Note in New York City. On July 14, Charlie
        also visits Keith Richards in the studio.

Charlie Watts (July 1992): Charlie Parker in New York

I love it, it's a real cheek, you know. I don't actually play all that regularly. It's been ages since the last Stones tour. So it's a wonderful honor to be asked to play jazz in a jazz club in New York. I loved Charlie Parker's music from the first moment I heard it. It's incredible to be asked to do this, not far from where Kenny Clarke would have played.


    July 16, 1992: Keith Richards attends a Charlie Watts Quintet show in New York. The Charlie Watts Quintet feud with
        the David Letterman staff and skip a planned performance on the U.S. TV show.

    July 21, 1992: The Charlie Watts Quintet perform in Chicago.

    July 23, 1992: The Charlie Watts Quintet end their U.S. tour with a concert at the Hollywood Palace in Los Angeles.

    July 26, 1992: Jerry Hall celebrates Mick Jagger's 49th birthday at a London restaurant, which Ron Wood attends.

    Late July 1992: Mick Jagger and Jerry Hall spend time at their ranch in Mesquite, Texas.

    July 28-August 1, 1992: Bill Wyman reforms Willie & the Poor Boys and performs concerts in Halmstad, Sweden.

    Early August 1992: Mick Jagger returns to Los Angeles to mixing his next solo album with producer Rick Rubin. A
        scandal erupts in the press when Jerry Hall reveals she intends to divorce Mick for his recent infidelities, notably
        his recent affair with model Carla Bruni.

    August 3, 1992: Ron Wood holds a listening party for his upcoming album at a club in New York, which Keith
        Richards attends.

    August 4, 1992: Ron Wood flies from New York to Los Angeles.

    August 10, 1992: Ron Wood is interviewed in Los Angeles for U.S. radio.

    August 14, 1992: Ron Wood joins Ian McLagan in the recording studio in Los Angeles.

    August 18, 1992: Ron Wood visits with Rod Stewart in Los Angeles.

    September 1992: Bill Wyman meets up with his old, early 1980s girlfriend, Suzanna Accosta, and asks her to
        marry him, which she accepts.

    September 5, 1992: Mick Jagger plays a cricket match in Los Angeles.

    September 6, 1992: Keith Richards finishes mixing his solo album at The Hit Factory in New York.

Keith Richards (September 1992): Hoping for Bill to be in the picture

I just hope he's there to follow me the next time around. Which leads us to that question, right? Whether or not he's in the band is up to him. As far as I'm concerned, there's no way I want to change that lineup, unless he's absolutely adamant. I have my spies out. I talk to his ex-old-ladies, who can see him. Some people tell me he means it, and then I speak to some of his older friends who have a feeling he'll be there. So I'm getting these two messages. And Bill is not the guy... We don't talk on the phone, because he's too guarded and I'm too pointed. I have to see his eyes to know. It was a spin on my head when I discovered he just doesn't like flying anymore. Hell, you can't think of everything. There's all kinds of angles and possibilities on this thing with Bill, but I don't want to change this lineup unless I really got to. And he's the only one that can make me have to.

Playing guitar is one thing, playing the other guys is another. I realize that more and more as I go ahead. Hey, I've become a psychologist over the years. I do it almost automatically.


    September 8, 1992: Ron Wood's fifth solo album, and first in 11 years, Slide On This, is released. Keith Richards
        oversees the mastering of his solo album, before returning to his Connecticut home.

    September 9, 1992: Mick Jagger presents an award to Van Halen in Los Angeles on the televised MTV Awards.

    Late September 1992: Mick Jagger completes his solo album at Los Angeles' Capitol Studios and flies back to

    October 1, 1992: Reconciled, Mick Jagger and Jerry Hall leave on a secret, private holiday together.

    October 2-3, 1992: The Charlie Watts Quintet perform at London's Queen Theatre.

    October 9-10, 1992: Keith Richards shoots a videoclip for Wicked As It Seems in Los Angeles.

    October 10, 1992: Back in London, Mick Jagger attends the Chelsea Arts Ball at Royal Albert Hall.

    October 12, 1992: Keith Richards returns to New York from Los Angeles.

    October 13, 1992: Keith Richards leaves New York for Paris, France.

    October 14-17, 1992: Keith Richards gives interviews in Paris for the European press.

    October 15, 1992: Ron Wood flies in to New York from England.

    October 16, 1992: Ron Wood performs at the Bob Dylan tribute concert at Madison Square Garden in New York.

    October 18, 1992: Ron Wood and his band, featuring Ian McLagan and Bernard Fowler among others, start their tour
        rehearsals at S.I.R. Studios in New York.

    October 19, 1992: Back in New York, Keith Richards is interviewed on cross-nation U.S. radio. Keith then hangs out
        with Ron Wood at S.I.R. Studios, where they listen to each other's albums.

    October 20, 1992: Keith Richards' second solo album, Main Offender, is released. Keith Richards
        is at Tower Records in New York autographing copies.

Keith Richards (October 1992): Stones solo albums coming out at the same time

It's not so surprising that our solo records are coming out roughly the same time, because we finished working with the Stones at the same time. Ronnie Wood's album came out last month - that's how long it takes to make a record. You stop work with the Stones and start your own thing because we're always locked into the Stones' schedule one way or another. Mick's album is coming out in January, which gives us breathing space. I really didn't want to go head to head with him. It's kind of stupid, you know, and so I got in first (laughs).

I think whatever Mick's doing, whatever Ronnie's doing, is great. We each need extra input. The Stones can't keep going in a vacuum anymore. I guess that's fairly obvious. We found out the hard way by yelling at each other for 5 years, but we always do things the hard way.


    October 21, 1992: Bill Wyman released a new solo album, Stuff, in Japan only.

    October 22, 1992: Keith Richards & the X-Pensive Winos starts tour rehearsals in New York.

    October 26, 1992: Ron Wood completes his tour rehearsals at S.I.R. Studios, then hangs out with Keith Richards
        for a party and dinner in New York, following which he joins in on the X-Pensive Winos' own rehearsals.

    October 28, 1992: Ron Wood performs on U.S. TV's Late Night with David Letterman program. He then performs
        a warm-up concert in New Britain, Connecticut. Bill Wyman hosts a charity party at his Sticky Fingers restaurant
        in London, England.

    October 30, 1992: Ron Wood performs another warm-up concert at Toad's Place in New Haven, Connecticut. Patti
        and Bert Richards attend.

    October 31, 1992: Ron Wood officially opens his Slide On This North American Tour with a concert at The Ritz in
        New York City.

    November 1992: The release of Mick Jagger's third solo album is delayed until February.

November 1992: Mick Jagger and Keith Richards have a telephone conversation where they agree to
    meet in March 1993 to start writing new songs together.

November 1992: In England, Mick Jagger and Charlie Wattts visit Bill Wyman and try to convince him
    to remain with the band, but to no avail.

    November 2, 1992: Keith Richards & the X-Pensive Winos arrive in Buenos Aires, Argentina, where they resume
        rehearsals the next day. Ron Wood performs a concert broadcast on radio from Electric Lady Studios in New York

    November 4-7, 1992: Ron Wood performs concerts in Atlanta, Georgia; and St. Petersburg and Miami, Florida.

    November 7, 1992: Keith Richards performs his first ever concert in Latin America, as the X-Pensive Winos put on a
        show at Velez Sarsfield Stadium in Buenos Aires.

    November 10, 1992: Keith Richards is back in New York and resumes tour rehearsals at S.I.R. Studios.

    November 10-14, 1992: Ron Wood performs concerts in New Orleans, and across Texas in Austin, Houston and
        Dallas. Bobby Keys joins in for the Texas concerts.

    November 12, 1992: Keith Richards attends Rolling Stone Magazine's 25th anniversary party at the Four Seasons in
        New York.

    November 16-21, 1992: Ron Wood swings through California, performing in San Diego, Los Angeles, Santa Ana and
        San Francisco. Van Morrison joins in onstage at the San Francisco concert.

    November 21, 1992: Keith Richards & the X-Pensive Winos complete their tour rehearsals in New York.

    November 23-24, 1992: Ron Wood performs in Seattle and Vancouver.

    November 24, 1992: Bill Wyman's divorce from Mandy Smith is finalized.

    November 27, 1992: Keith Richards & the X-Pensive Winos kick off their first ever European tour with a concert at
        K. B. Hallen in Copenhagen, Denmark.

Keith Richards (1992): Smaller halls

As much as I enjoy going out on the cutting edge in football stadiums with the Stones, if that's all you do it's a bizarre existence for a musician... So with the Winos it's very important to be able to play good rooms for the joy and the pleasure, and I get to keep my feet on the ground. Also, I know I can face my people, the crazy fans, bless their hearts. They're nuts, all of them, and they know it but I love them dearly. There's a special warmth and a special feeling.


    November 27-28, 1992: Ron Wood plays concerts in Chicago and Detroit.

    November 29, 1992: Keith Richards performs in Cologne, Germany.

    November 30-December 1, 1992: Ron Wood performs in Toronto and Montreal.

December 1992: Mick Jagger lets it be known in interviews that Bill Wyman has quit the Rolling Stones.

Mick Jagger (December 1992): A new bass player for the Rolling Stones

We don't (need a permanent bass player). We want someone for the next project, which will be making an album and going on a tour, probably. After that, I'm not guaranteeing he's going to work for the next 25 years. (laughs) More like the next two years. The resumes are definitely coming now. It's going to be quite difficult 'cause how do you know? They're all going to be good people and it's not a position which requires the finest technical brilliance. You have to play, but playing bass with the Rolling Stones is not a virtuoso show. So it's going to be kind of hard, but ultimately I think it will result in a much more kicking rhythm section. But it will be different and it won't be easy to replace someone who's been playing in the rhythm section with Charlie and Keith for a very long time. I'm not underestimating Bill nor underestimating the fact that it's going to be slightly different. But I think you've got to make a virtue out of these things.


    December 2, 1992: Mick Jagger catches Keith Richards' concert at the Marquee Club in London, England.

    December 3-5, 1992: Ron Wood finishes his Slide On This North American tour with concerts in Boston and

    December 4, 1992: Mick Jagger attends a cancer research fund raiser at a hotel in London. Keith Richards performs
        in Rotterdam, Netherlands.

    December 7, 1992: Keith Richards performs at Le Zenith in Paris, France.

    December 9-14, 1992: Keith Richards performs two concerts each in Barcelona and Madrid, Spain.

    December 10-11, 1992: Mick Jagger films a videoclip for Sweet Thing in Leamington Spa, England.

    December 17-18, 1992: Keith Richards & the X-Pensive Winos complete their European tour with two concerts at
        London's Town and Country Club. Ron Wood attends the birthday show.

    December 18-19, 1992: Bill Wyman's Willie & the Poor Boys perform at Chiddingfold Club in London, England.

    December 19, 1992: The Charlie Watts Quintet performs in London for UK radio. Keith Richards flies back to
        New York.

    Late December 1992: Mick Jagger and his family fly down to Mustique for the holidays.

    December 27-28, 1992: Keith Richards & the X-Pensive Winos rehearse, then perform a filmed concert for TV at
        Chicago's WTTW Studios.

    December 31, 1992: Keith Richards & the X-Pensive Winos perform at The Academy in New York City, part of which
        is broadcast live on U.S. TV.

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