Part V: 1984-1990



Rolling Stones Records (WEA/EMI)
Release date: January 30, 1984

She Was Hot   Think I'm Going Mad Song No. 255



Compilation* album:  REWIND (1971-1984)
(*greatest hits 1971-83)

Rolling Stones Records (WEA/EMI)
Release date: July 1984

Miss You It's Only Rock 'n Roll
Brown Sugar Emotional Rescue
Undercover of the Night Beast of Burden
Start Me Up Fool to Cry
Tumbling Dice Waiting on a Friend
Hang Fire Angie
  Doo Doo Doo Doo Doo



Video (music videos)*:  VIDEO REWIND
(*promotional music videos 1973-84, with interviews, various footage and tying narrative scenes by Bill Wyman & Mick Jagger)

Director: Julien Temple

Release: November 14, 1984

Includes the following Rolling Stones promotional videos:
She Was Hot (1984)
She's So Cold (1980)
Emotional Rescue (1980)
Waiting on a Friend (1981)
Angie (1973)
Brown Sugar (live) (1972, 1976, 1981)
Neighbors (1981)
Too Much Blood (1984)
It's Only Rock 'n Roll (1974)
Miss You (1978)
Undercover of the Night (1983)
Start Me Up (live) (1981-82)




Single by Mick Jagger

Columbia Records (CBS)
Release date: February 4, 1985

Just Another Night Turn the Girl Loose



1st Mick Jagger solo studio album:  SHE'S THE BOSS

Columbia Records (CBS)

Release date: February 25, 1985

Lonely at the Top Just Another Night
Half a Loaf Lucky in Love
Running Out of Luck Secrets
Turn the Girl Loose She's The Boss
Hard Woman  



Single by Mick Jagger & David Bowie

EMI America Records

Release date: August 19, 1985

Dancing in the Street Dancing in the Street (instrumental)



Single by Mick Jagger

Columbia Records (CBS)

Release date: November 1985

Hard Woman  (version 2) Lonely at the Top



Rolling Stones Records (CBS)
Release date: February 26, 1986

Harlem Shuffle Song No. 256 Had It with You Song No. 257


20th U.S. studio album & 18th U.K. studio album:  DIRTY WORK

Rolling Stones Records (CBS)
Release date: March 24, 1986

One Hit (to the Body) Song No. 258 Winning Ugly Song No. 262
Fight Song No. 259 Back to Zero Song No. 263
Harlem Shuffle   Dirty Work Song No. 264
Hold Back Song No. 260 Had It with You  
Too Rude Song No. 261 Sleep Tonight Song No. 265



Single by Mick Jagger

Epic Records (CBS)
Release date: July 21, 1986

Ruthless People I'm Ringing



Single by Mick Jagger

Columbia Records (CBS)

Release date: August 31, 1987

Let's Work Catch As Catch Can



2nd Mick Jagger solo studio album:  PRIMITIVE COOL

Columbia Records (CBS)
Release date: September 11, 1987

Throwaway Kow Tow
Let's Work Shoot Off Your Mouth
Radio Control Peace for the Wicked
Say You Will Party Doll
Primitive Cool War Baby



1st Keith Richards solo studio album:  TALK IS CHEAP

Virgin Records
Release date: October 3, 1988

Big Enough How I Wish
Take It So Hard Rockawhile
Struggle Whip It Up
I Could Have Stood You Up Locked Away
Make No Mistake It Means a Lot
You Don't Move Me  




(*Decca/London singles 1963-75)

ABKCO Records

Release date: August 1989

Come On Stupid Girl
I Want to Be Loved Long Long While
I Wanna Be Your Man Mother's Little Helper
Stoned Lady Jane
Not Fade Away Have You Seen Your Mother, Baby, Standing in the Shadow?
Little By Little Who's Driving Your Plane
It's All Over Now Let's Spend the Night Together
Good Times, Bad Times Ruby Tuesday
Tell Me We Love You
I Just Want to Make Love to You Dandelion
Time Is on My Side (version 1) She's a Rainbow
Congratulations 2000 Light Years from Home
Little Red Rooster In Another Land
Off the Hook The Lantern
Heart of Stone Jumpin' Jack Flash
What a Shame Child of the Moon
The Last Time Street Fighting Man
Play with Fire No Expectations
Satisfaction Surprise, Surprise
The Under Assistant West Coast Promotion Man Honky Tonk Women
The Spider and the Fly You Can't Always Get What You Want
Get Off of My Cloud Memo From Turner*
I'm Free Brown Sugar
The Singer Not the Song Wild Horses
As Tears Go By I Don't Know Why
Gotta Get Away Try a Little Harder**
19th Nervous Breakdown Out of Time**
Sad Day Jiving Sister Fanny
Paint It Black Sympathy for the Devil
(*Mick Jagger recording; **Andrew Oldham Orchestra recordings)



Rolling Stones Records (CBS)
Release date: August 17, 1989


Mixed Emotions Song No. 266 Fancy Man Blues Song No. 267



21st U.S. studio album & 19th U.K. studio album:  STEEL WHEELS

Rolling Stones Records (CBS)
Release date: August 29, 1989

Sad Sad Sad Song No. 268 Rock and a Hard Place Song No. 273
Mixed Emotions
Can't Be Seen Song No. 274
Terrifying Song No. 269 Almost Hear You Sigh Song No. 275
Hold on to Your Hat Song No. 270 Continental Drift Song No. 276
Hearts for Sale Song No. 271 Break the Spell Song No. 277
Blinded By Love Song No. 272 Slipping Away Song No. 278




Rolling Stones Records (CBS)

Release date: November 13, 1989

Rock and a Hard Place   Cook Cook Blues Song No. 279


(*history of the Rolling Stones 1962-1989, with new & old interviews, various footage and performances/clips)

Release: February 1990




Rolling Stones Records (CBS)

Release date: February 26, 1990

Terrifying   Wish I'd Never Met You Song No. 280



This discography includes: all official (US & UK)...
Rolling Stones studio albums
Rolling Stones live albums
Rolling Stones compilation albums*
Rolling Stones stand-alone EPs
Rolling Stones stand-alone singles (A-sides or B-sides) (only!)
Rolling Stones singles appearing before release on albums (only!)
Rolling Stones songs appearing only on other artists' albums
Rolling Stones films/videos/DVDs
Major Mick Jagger & Keith Richards albums and stand-alone singles (A-sides and B-sides)
(Promotional records not included)

* (on official major labels only, so excluding certain releases on labels like Arcade, K-Tel, etc.)

Special features:

All Rolling Stones songs are highlighted in color on 1st release and numbered by order of 1st release.
Regarding live recordings (both audio and video), each track contains information about date of recording, location and which (1st, 2nd, etc.) released live version of the particular song this recording constitutes.

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