Basically the thing (when you were in high school) was that you used to just try and find girls that would screw.

- Mick Jagger

I got the sex drive                                                                        You lovely ladies with your leather and lace
Driving me mad                                                                            A thousand lips I would love to taste
   - Sex Drive (Jagger/Richards), 1991                                       I 've got one heart and it hurts like hell
                                                                                                            - If You Can't Rock Me  (Jagger/Richards), 1974

I can see that you're just 15 years old                               She was common, sturdy, she looked about 30
No, I don't want your I.D.                                                    I would have run away but I was on my own
You look so restless and so far from home                      She told me later, she's a machine operator
But it's no hanging matter, it's no capital crime...            She said she liked the way I held the microphone
   - Stray Cat Blues (Jagger/Richards), 1968                          - The Spider and the Fly  (Jagger/Richards), 1965

Brown sugar, how come you taste so good?                            I was married yesterday to a teenage bride
Brown sugar, just like a black girl should                                  You say it's only physical, but I love her deep inside
   - Brown Sugar  (Jagger/Richards), 1971                                       - Too Tough  (Jagger/Richards), 1983

It's over now, it's a summer romance and it's through        You'd look good pram-pushing down the high street
I can't help myself, help it if I'm older than you                    Come on now, honey, don't you want to live with me?
  - Summer Romance  (Jagger/Richards), 1980                           - Live with Me  (Jagger/Richards), 1969

I heard about your Polaroids                                                                I'm so hot for you and you're so cold
Now that's what I call obscene                                                             I'm the burning bush, I'm the burning fire
Your tricks with fruit were kind of cute                                               I'm the bleeding volcano
I bet you keep your pussy clean                                                    - She's So Cold  (Jagger/Richards), 1980
  - Star Star  (Jagger/Richards), 1973


Me and Brian always used to go out (and pick up women). Mick, Keith and Charlie would be at the hotel working rather than socializing. Obviously we had a bigger score than they did. At the time I was involved with an unhappy marriage, so I was quite pleased with the situation. Let's call it luck.

 - Bill Wyman, talking about the first years on tour


Diane Perks, wife of Bill Wyman (1959-1966)
Married 1959, Divorced 1969
Children: Stephen (1962)

Bill had an absolute compulsion. He had to have a bird, otherwise he couldn't sleep, he'd get homesick. He'd start shaking, really, he'd collapse completely if he didn't have something in bed with him, no matter what it was.

- Keith Richards


(Brian and Bill) were the only two who used to actively go out looking. Bill would usually

be the first one to find someone, and then Brian would move in.
- Ian Stewart, Stones' road manager
and pianist (1962-85)

Linda Lawrence, companion of Brian Jones (1963-1965)
Never married
Children: Julian (1963)


Keith was a bit like Charlie. Keith would find one girl and pretty much stick with her. He's been the same way ever since. Maybe a few here and there but nothing like Brian and Bill who went potty over birds.

- Ian Stewart

Mick's attitude towards women is that they are cattle. They are goods. That's his basic attitude.

- Keith Richards


Chrissie Shrimpton, companion of Mick Jagger (1963-1966)
Never married, no children

We're on the road so much that we don't depend on girlfriends for relationships. It's not a barrier. Most men don't depend on their girlfriends for relationships. Besides, women never get on. If that sounds like an anti-feminist statement I'm sorry, but it's a product of practical experience.

- Mick Jagger, c. 1966

If you lose your heart                                                                                    I taught her all she knows
Careful now, don't lose your mind                                                               I taught her how to lie
Don't mortgage your soul to a stranger                                                      I taught her everything
Don't be blinded by love                                                                               I'm gonna teach her how to cry
  - Blinded By Love  (Jagger/Richards), 1989                                                  - Gunface  (Jagger/Richards), 1997

Please don't be part of my life                                             Under my thumb, her eyes are just kept to herself
Please keep yourself to yourself                                        Under my thumb, well I, I can still look at someone else
Please don't you bother my wife                                        It's down to me, the way she talks when she's spoken to
That way you won't get no help...                                     Down to me, the change has come
Please don't be part of my world                                        She's under my thumb
Just you be my backstreet girl                                        - Under My Thumb  (Jagger/Richards), 1966
  - Back Street Girl (Jagger/Richards), 1967

I tried giving you the velvet gloves                                                I ain't got no love
I tried giving you the knockout punch                                           I ain't the kind to meet
Hey, let me go                                                                                     You'll never break... this heart of stone
  - Let Me Go  (Jagger/Richards), 1980                                                   - Heart of Stone  (Jagger/Richards), 1964


In the early days Linda Keith became famous as being Keith's girlfriend... Keith was very

weak and insecure when it came to women.
- Anonymous acquaintance

Linda Keith, companion of Keith Richards (1964-1966)
Never married, no children


You could see them exchanging looks like, Who IS this weird bird? Mick, especially, was very hostile. But he could never make me feel uncomfortable. Even today, I can squash him with just one word. But he was the one most against my seeing Brian and being around the Stones.

- Anita Pallenberg

Mick resents being told anything by a woman. But if anybody could tell him something it was Anita. When Anita was constructive she could really be funny. She'd make suggestions in the studio that would be half serious and half funny but they were good suggestions. You could see the hairs on the back of Mick's neck just RISE.

- Ian Stewart

 One night at the Bel-Air Hotel in Los Angeles, Brian and Anita had to get off by beating the shit out of each other. He'd take a chair and bash it over her head. Cary Grant is in the next bungalow. He doesn't want to hear you fuckin' cunt and televisions being smashed over champagne and caviar... Anita IS a Rolling Stone. She's a rebel, she's outrageous, she's a clown, and she's fuckin' crazy.   - Michael Gruber, Stones' touring manager (1965-66)

Anita Pallenberg, companion of Brian Jones (1965-1967)
Never married, no children

Just because a chick leaves somebody to go with somebody else is no reason to feel guilty. It happens all the time. It could have been someone 12 000 miles away, but it happened to be the guy who stood on the other side of Mick onstage. And that's that.

    - Keith Richards, on Anita Pallenberg leaving
Brian Jones for him

Anita IS a Rolling Stone. She, Mick, Keith and Brian were the Rolling Stones. Anita is not a wife of. Her influence has been profound. She keeps things crazy. It's a totally different situation when she's around. If you have Keith by himself it's easy because you're dealing with a rational human being. In some ways Anita is very unconscious in a sense where she's almost primeval.

   - Jo Bergman, Stones' personal assistant (1967-73)


Shirley Watts, wife of Charlie Watts (1964-present)
Married 1964
Children: Serafina (1968)


She knows who to smile to today                                                       How the years rush on by
She has just been brought up in that way                                         Birthdays, kids and suicides
She knows all the right games to play                                                Still I play the fool and strut
And she always knows just what to say                                           Still you're a slut
   - Cool, Calm and Collected  (Jagger/Richards), 1967                       - All the Way Down  (Jagger/Richards), 1983

Don't try to reel me in                                                                    You're a rag trade girl, you're the queen of porn
With all those charm school looks                                              You're the easiest lay on the White House lawn
I've seen it all a thousand times                                                   Get out of my life, don't come back
I sung that song, I wrote that fucking book                                     - Respectable  (Jagger/Richards), 1978
  - Too Tight  (Jagger/Richards), 1997

So give me all your money, give me all your gold               Saw you on TV last night in a rerun soap
I'll buy you a house back in Zuma beach                             You were young and beautiful, already without hope
And give you half of what I own                                                 - Too Tough  (Jagger/Richards), 1983
  - Some Girls (Jagger/Richards), 1978

I'm not talking about the way she digs for gold                            And the doctor said, you'll be OK
Well I'm talking about the way she grabs and holds                    If you'd only stay away
The way she talks about someone else                                          From femmes fatales and dirty bitches
That she don't even know herself                                                   And daylight drabs and nightime witches
She's the sickest thing in this world                                                And working girls and blue stockings
Look at that stupid girl                                                                      And dance hall babes and body poppers
  - Stupid Girl  (Jagger/Richards), 1966                                           And waitresses with broken noses
                                                                                                               Checkout girls striking poses
                                                                                                               Politicians' garish wives
                                                                                                               With alcoholic cunts like knives
                                                                                                                        - I Go Wild  (Jagger/Richards), 1994

When I was about 16, I wanted to be an actress... My first move was to get a Rolling Stone as a boyfriend. I slept with three and then decided the lead singer was the best bet. I knew he wasn't the most important because I had always understood that, in the Stones, Keith was the most important - and, I think, in the beginning, I was
always really in love with Keith much more than anyone else, as a fan. He's the epitome of the Romantic Hero and, if you're a middle-class girl and you've read your Byron, that's Keith Richards... even now. He's turned into Count Dracula now, but he's still an injured, tortured, damned youth which is really such fun, isn't it? I mean, he really is such fun. It isn't that Mick was less of a Rolling Stone. He's cleaner. I mean that's the thing about the Stones - that they're dirty and awful and arrogant, and Keith is still like that.

     - Marianne Faithfull

Marianne Faithfull, companion of Mick Jagger (1966-1970)
Never married, no children

Anita is particularly good for Keith 'cause if he can't be bothered SHE certainly can. Anita is a rebel. She believes as soon as a system is established you have to fight against it. Anita is a very good influence on Keith. I don't think she has a lot of influence on his decisions, but she influences his thinking.

    - Alexis Korner, musician critical in the Stones' beginnings (1962)


Anita Pallenberg, common-law wife of Keith Richards (1967-1978)
Never married
Children: Marlon (1969), Angela (1972), Tara (1976)


I don't consider myself separated from Anita or anything. She's still the mother of my kids. Anita is a great, great woman. She's a fantastic person, I love her. I just can't LIVE with her, you know?

     - Keith Richards, 1981


Never, ever would I say that the atmosphere of the Stones was relaxed and happy. These five incredibly strong personalities were definitely guarded, controlling their emotions. They weren't very open with EACH OTHER, so they certainly couldn't have appeared relaxed to outsiders! It was just this tension, a moodiness, a sulking. You could never call them hypocrites. They're all very real, whether their nastiness or niceness is showing. But they exercised what I'd describe as controlling silences... They're not demonstrative. It's a loose-sounding band but they're not loose people! I've never in my life experienced five such uptight people. On the other hand, if somebody's sick or in a crisis, they have always been very good and loyal.

     - Astrid Lundstrom, quoted in
Bill Wyman's Stone Alone (1990)

Astrid Lundstrom, common-law wife of Bill Wyman (1967-1983)
Never married, no children


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