The Rolling Stones Chronicle

Revisit in great detail the Rolling Stones' history, from the farthest past to the latest happenings. With all the necessary
and not-so-necessary facts, a pic for each year and many choice quotes.

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The Rolling Stones' Complete Discography

From Come On to Live at the Wiltern: studio, live & compilation albums, singles, download tracks, films, DVDs/videos,

Jagger & Richards solo albums/singles, with pictures and special information and features.

 1963-1965                                                                 1997-2004

 1966-1969                                                                 2005-2010

 1970-1974                                                                 2011-2012

 1975-1983                                                                 2013-2015

 1984-1990                                                                 2016-2018

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Click on a section below, and then click on an album or song title to read the Stones' words about the making
and/or their appreciation of a specific song or album. This covers all the Stones' official (443) studio
and/or live releases from 1963 to the present. Includes lyrics and additional info for each track.

1963-1965: England's Newest Hit Makers to December's Children

1966-1970: Aftermath to Let It Bleed

1971-1977: Sticky Fingers to Black And Blue

1978-1986: Some Girls to Dirty Work

1989-2008: Steel Wheels to A Bigger Bang

2010-2021: Exile Deluxe to Lost & Found: Rarities

2023: Hackney Diamonds

or alphabetically by song:  A to L           M to Z


Glimmer Twins TrackTalk

Check out the same info for Mick Jagger & Keith Richards' solo albums
and selected extra songs.

Gather No Moss:
The complete concertlog 1962-2024


Take a virtual tour of this great planet of ours accompanied by the world's greatest rock & roll band...
This is the Rolling Stones' complete concertlog, from 1962 to their latest concerts, arranged by continent,
country, region and city. Includes maps, pics, anecdotes, quotes, and lyrics.

United Kingdom                                                                                   North America

 Europe                                                           Africa, Asia, Oceania & South America


Love You Live:
Every Rolling Stones Song In Concert

This is the COMPLETE list, from London, England's Marquee Club on July 12, 1962 to their last performance so far
at Racket in New York City on October 19, 2023. It indicates all the songs (315 is now the unofficial count) the Stones
have ever performed onstage, and what year(s) each song has been performed as well.

The Complete List

[Original compositions only]
[Covers only, by genre]

Songs performed during:
The 2017-19 & 2021-22 No Filter/Sixty World Tour
The 2012-16 Fifty & Counting/14 On Fire/Zip Code/Olé/Desert Trip World Tour
The 2005-07 A Bigger Bang World Tour
The 2002-03 Licks World Tour
The 1997-99 Bridges To Babylon/No Security World Tour
The 1994-95 Voodoo Lounge World Tour
The 1989-90 Steel Wheels/Urban Jungle World Tour
The 1981-82 Tattoo You World Tour
The 1978 Some Girls U.S. Tour
The 1975-77 It's Only Rock 'n Roll/Black And Blue World Tour
The 1972-73 Exile On Main Street/Goats Head Soup World Tour
The 1969-71 Let It Bleed/Sticky Fingers World Tour

Got No Live!

The Rolling Stones songs not yet performed in concert. Click here.

The Salt of the Earth: the Rolling Stones' influences

This section tries to catalogue ALL of the Stones' major and not-so-major influences, from Son House to the Sex Pistols,
including all of the artists they have ever covered on record and onstage, and beyond.

Search by Musical Genre. Recommended route if you really want to systematically go through
the Stones' influences and understand the musical backgrounds they come from and the
connections between them.

Search by Artist. Go here if you want to find out about an artist in particular.

Why Don't We Sing This Song All Together?

A catalogue of most of the artists, producers and engineers (427 of them) that have worked with the Rolling Stones,
onstage and on record, from Tony Chapman to Lady Gaga. It summarizes every one of these people's careers,
in addition to what they've done with the Stones. Entries are logged alphabetically according to their last name.

A to D                                                 E to K

L to Q                                                 R to Z

We'll Play Your Favorite Songs
While You All Soak Up the Atmosphere...

A list of opening acts for the Rolling Stones throughout their performing career.

By Tour    or   Alphabetically



Start Me Up

An up-to-date list of the Stones' opening & ending songs throughout their stage history. Click here.

Fazed Hits & Green Cookies

A list of the sales & peak chart positions of the Rolling Stones' albums in the USA. Click here.

  Baby Boom Rock 1940-1950

My OCD seems to have taken over again! Here's a list, by birthdates, of the major & minor players of the baby boom rock generation.
Click here.

Stones Among Flowers: 1962-1972

A month-by-month look at the major events and rock albums surrounding the Stones in the 60s... Click here.

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