Isle of Man





Rochdale               Cubi-Club                     Apr. 16, 1964

Manchester            Oasis Club                    Aug. 30, 1963
                              Odeon Theatre              Oct. 16, 1963
                              Oasis Club                    Dec. 1, 1963
                              Palace Theatre             May 3, 1964

                                                New Elizabethan Ballroom                  Aug. 9, 1964
                                                Odeon Theatre                                     Sep. 15, 1964
                                                Palace Theatre                                     Mar. 7, 1965

After that fantastic night in Manchester we were scared silly. You know how these things catch on. We could easily have ended up with an outbreak of swan-diving from the balconies and somebody killed.
- Mick Jagger, March 1965

                                                Odeon Theatre                                       Oct. 3, 1965
                                                Apollo Theatre                                       Sep. 28, 1966
                                                Free Trade Hall                                     Mar. 5, 1971
                                                King's Hall (Belle Vue)                          Sep. 11, 1973
                                                King's Hall (Belle Vue)                          Sep. 12, 1973
                                                Manchester City Football Ground        July 20, 1990
                                                Manchester City Football Ground        July 21, 1990
                                                Manchester Evening News Arena         Sep. 5, 2003
                                                Old Trafford Football Stadium             June 5, 2018

Urmston                                  The Baths                                               Nov. 29, 1963

Warrington                              Parr Hall                                                Nov. 25, 1963

Liverpool                                Odeon Theatre                                       Oct. 13, 1963
                                                Cavern Club                                          Nov. 5, 1963
                                                Empire Theatre                                     Mar. 1, 1964
                                                Empire Theatre                                     Sep. 13, 1964
                                                Empire Theatre                                     Mar. 6, 1965
                                                Empire Theatre                                     Oct. 10, 1965
                                                Empire Theatre                                     Sep. 25, 1966
                                                Empire Theatre                                     Mar. 12, 1971

Wigan                                     ABC Theatre                                          Nov. 27, 1963
                                                ABC Theatre                                          Sep. 16, 1964
                                                ABC Theatre                                          Oct. 2, 1965

Southport                                 Floral Hall                                             Dec. 3, 1963

Blackburn                                Odeon Theatre                                       Mar. 5, 1964

Nelson                                     Imperial Ballroom                                  May 1, 1964
                                                Imperial Ballroom                                  July 25, 1964

Preston                                    Top Rank Ballroom                                Nov. 4, 1963
                                                Public Hall                                             Jan. 31, 1964

Blackpool                                Opera House                                          Mar. 3, 1964
                                                Empress Ballroom                                  July 24, 1964

  England, 1964

The worst thing that Blackpool could've done was to book the Rolling Stones in its Scottish weekend. And what used to happen was that Glasgow or Edinburgh would close down for a week and everybody would move south. And Blackpool being Britain's equivalent of Coney Island - so the Empress Ballroom, there was supposed to be something like 6000 people in it, there was more like 10 000. The last thing they wanted was their girlfriends getting overexcited at the Rolling Stones which they looked upon as being a little bit faggy. So Jones is really egging the girls on and he's being very, very camp. Jagger's not being bothered, he's just dancing away there. And there was... a gang down front and they decide to start spitting, I mean, talk about PUNKS. And, exactly, as I say, they start spitting at Brian Jones.. So Keith comes down and he goes Stop it! They won't do it, it keeps on. And so someone goes and spits at Keith. So Keith walks down there and this guy's hands are on the stage and his chin's on the thing and he goes boom, stomps on the guy's hands and steps back. And it was just like starting a football match, kicking the ball.
- Roy Carr, journalist

 And that's it. Good night. The whole hall just ee-rupted. I'm surprised they didn't get hold of Keith's leg and pull him off the stage... We could hear cymbals going through the air, thumps as all the amps got smashed up, and then there was the most glorious fucking crash of all time - there'd been a grand piano on the stage... Not having been able to get hold of the Stones, they started fighting amonst themselves.
- Ian Stewart, Stones' pianist & road manager (1962-85)

 Morecambe                            Floral Hall                                             Sep. 27, 1963
                                                Winter Gardens                                      Mar. 7, 1964




Carlisle                 ABC Theatre                            Sep. 17, 1964
                             ABC Theatre                            Oct. 5, 1965


Isle of Man


Douglas              Palace Ballroom                      Aug. 13, 1964
                           Palace Ballroom                      Sep. 8, 1965