This list covers only those studio tracks recorded and released on an OFFICIAL (!) basis in UK or North American markets. It also covers only songs performed onstage in front of a live (for the most part,  paying) audience, so not TV and radio performances.

YEAR OF RELEASE                                          SOURCE                                                                                                                                                SONG
1963 b-side Stoned
1964 The Rolling Stones / England's Newest Hit Makers
12 X 5

b-sides, extra tracks

Now I've Got a Witness
Good Times Bad Times
2120 South Michigan Avenue

Grown Up Wrong
Surprise, Surprise
What a Shame
1965 The Rolling Stones No. 2 / The Rolling Stones Now!
December's Children
You Can't Catch Me
Gotta Get Away
Look What You've Done
The Singer Not the Song
Blue Turns to Grey
1966 Aftermath


High and Dry
I Am Waiting
Take It or Leave It
What to Do
Sad Day
Long, Long While
Who's Driving Your Plane?
1967 Between the Buttons


Their Satanic Majesties Request

My Obsession
Back Street Girl
Cool, Calm and Collected
All Sold Out
Please Go Home
Who's Been Sleeping Here?

Miss Amanda Jones
Something Happened to Me Yesterday
My Girl
Ride on, Baby
Sittin on a Fence
Sing This All Together
In Another Land
2000 Man
Sing This All Together (See What Happens)
The Lantern
On with the Show
We Love You
1968 Beggars Banquet


Dear Doctor
Jigsaw Puzzle
Child of the Moon
1969 Let It Bleed Country Honk
1972 Exile on Main Street Shake Your Hips
Casino Boogie
Turd on the Run
Just Wanna See His Face
Let It Loose
Soul Survivor
1973 Goats Head Soup Coming Down Again
Hide Your Love
Can Your Hear the Music?
1974 It's Only Rock 'n' Roll


Till the Next Goodbye
Time Waits for No One
If You Really Want to Be My Friend
Short and Curlies
Through the Lonely Nights
1975 Metamorphosis* If You Let Me
Memo from Turner
Downtown Suzie
I Don't Know Why
Jiving Sister Fanny
I'm Going Down
1978 b-side Everything Is Turning to Gold
1980 Emotional Rescue Summer Romance
Send It to Me
Indian Girl
Where the Boys Go
Down in the Hole 
1981 Tattoo You Slave
No Use in Crying
1983 Undercover Tie You Up (The Pain of Love)
Feel on Baby
Too Much Blood
Pretty Beat Up
Too Tough
All the Way Down
It Must Be Hell
1984 b-side Think I'm Going Mad
1986 Dirty Work Fight
Hold Back
Too Rude
Winning Ugly
Back to Zero
Dirty Work
Had It with You
Sleep Tonight
1989 Steel Wheels


Hold On to Your Hat
Hearts for Sale
Continental Drift
Break the Spell
Fancyman Blues
Cook Cook Blues
1990 b-side Wish I'd Never Met You
1991 Flashpoint Highwire
Sex Drive
1994 Voodoo Lounge


New Faces
Sweethearts Together
Suck on the Jugular
Blinded By Rainbows
Baby Break It Down
Mean Disposition
The Storm
So Young
I'm Gonna Drive
1997 Bridges to Babylon Gunface
Always Suffering
Too Tight
1998 b-side Any Way You Look at It
2002 Forty Licks Keys to Your Love
Stealing My Heart
Losing My Touch
2005 A Bigger Bang

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A Bigger Bang Special Edition

Let Me Down Slow
She Saw Me Coming 
Biggest Mistake 
Dangerous Beauty 
Laugh, I Nearly Died 
Sweet Neo Con 
Look What The Cat Dragged In 
Driving Too Fast 
Under the Radar
Don't Wanna Go Home
2010 Exile on Main Street Deluxe Pass the Wine (Sophia Loren)
Plundered My Soul 
I'm Not Signifying
Following the River 
Dancing in the Light 
So Divine (Aladdin Story)
Good Time Women 
Title 5 
2011 Some Girls Deluxe Claudine
Do You Think I Really Care
When You're Gone
No Spare Parts
Don't Be a Stranger
We Had It All
Tallahassee Lassie
I Love You Too Much

Keep Up Blues
You Win Again

Petrol Blues 
2016 Blue & Lonesome Commit a Crime
Blue and Lonesome
All of Your Love
I Gotta Go
Everybody Knows About My Good Thing
Hoo Doo Blues
Little Rain
Just Like I Treat You
I Can't Quit You Baby

2020 Goats Head Soup Deluxe
All the Rage
Criss Cross
2021 Lost & Found: Rarities Living in the Heart of Love
Fiji Jim
Drift Away
It's a Life
Come to the Ball
Fast Talking, Slow Walking

*Only true Rolling Stones recordings off Metamorphosis are included, not Andrew Oldham Orchestra demos

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